HCG In Home Hpt But Not In Quantitative Blood Test

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Meochaaa - August 14

Today is August 14th 2015, I took 2 first response tests yesterday and both came back positive. The first one very light but it's still noticeable the second one is very noticeable. I then took another test (88 cent) and that test showed up positive as well. Today I went to the doctor and had a blood test and urine test done and they both came back negative, I was confused and didn't know what to think . The doctor told me to take a test 5-6 days from now and see if it'll come back positive, after I left the doctors office I took another one to see if the results would be negative but again it tested positive. Idk what to think , my period id supposed to come August 18th I'm just patiently waiting to see if it'll come or not . Btw I've took first response tests before and Never tested positive neither with the other brand tests as well. 


Cassie M - May 4

Ok, so, I NEVER post in these types of forums. I just love to read them when in need to help give answers, but can't seem to find answers or help at all right now. This is the first forum I've saw that's even up to date so here goes....(plz take the time to read and help though this post may be long)

I have endometriosis and PCOS. It took me 2 years to have my son. I found the magical pill femara and got pregnant with my son first month taking it after all that time wasted and different fertility meds taken. Got pregnant thankfully 2 months before my scheduled historectomy. Again, I'm on a countdown 6 months away from historectomy. Dr doesn't want to take my chance of having a second child away completely by doing it immediately since I was able to have my son, but this will be my last as he will be giving me one 6 weeks after c-section... anyways, that's some background. This was my first month trying again and of course went straight for femara. First day of last LMP was march 21st. I have not saw my period at all and did ovulate on time as the pill puts a complete scheduled cycle on you and took the ovulation tests at home to be certain. It all went the same as it did when finally pregnant with my son. I started taking at home HPTs 3 days before missed period because was planning an Easter egg hunt surprise for fiancé. I had a mix of both pos n neg tests at the time. At what would have been exactly 4 weeks pregnant went to dr n his office test was neg n blood test neg. At this point, I had 2 faint pos the night before going to the doc and 2 that morning before going and they were diff brands but faint pos. I stopped getting neg and nothing but pos including only some dark but mostly faint but others aside from me can see them including dr. At what would have been 5 weeks pg did more blood work that came back neg. I'm now what would be 6 weeks and 1 day pg and still going strong with pos hpts every time no matter the brand or time of day though some are stronger than others. I definitely have pregnancy signs including ones you can't make up in your head such as nipple and boob changes, acne, already dark line from belly button down forming, and the vaginal change of thickness from blood flow and extra lubrication down there. You can't make that stuff up in your head! Also, have the others such as diff emotions n feelings and diff eating habits. I decided not to do blood work this week but waiting on apptment for u/s im making dr do. He doesn't believe it's necessary or will show anything due to believing this will be a mc. How does he know that? How would he not find anything if still haven't had period??? I've had ZERO bleeding or signs of period at all. Actually, quite the opposite. I'm finally pain free from the horrible endometriosis I live with constantly that kills me esp during periods, but now no signs of it just like with the pregnancy with my son!!! It feels amazing!!! However, it's not amazing that all brands of hpts I keep taking are pos, yet blood work last week n week before was neg. Honestly, terrified of the u/s, but have to know either way though I trust my body. Anyone know anyone that's had anything like this happen or have had it happen personally???



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