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meli123 - April 8

soooo my girlfriend and i are on ttc#2 .. she posted this on Y.A. and got some answers but im wonderin cuz im soooo confused its crazyy.... she posted this.... Ok so today i am anywhere from 16-17dpo and still no af...periods are irregular at times so i dont really know whats going on... Here are my ALL of my symptoms: Sore br___ts (on and off) Pulling feeling in lower abdomen/ slight cramping BBT temps so far say 98.4 and steady Bloating Fatigue/Tiredness! (get a full night of sleep and feel like i never slept) Changes in metabolism ...dont "go" as much/ BUT frequent urination started today at 17dpo (peeing almost every hour! Food cravings/eating alot more Gassy LOTS of lotionlike/creamy CM...sometimes dry Sensitivity to smell Food aversions Trouble sleeping at night VERY emotional Moodiness (almost feel like rippin someones head off =]) lol Nausea/ (No vomiting though thank god!) soooo then last night when she got home from work she took a opk just to see wut would show up and had one dark and one faint line but shes not ovulating so wut hormone is the test picking up to have a faint line... then we went to the store and she took a hpt and came out a BFN... then we left it at that then this morning she took another one and got a BFN... and her temp for the past couple dayz has been 98. something and up and today it went to 97.something ... so we are so confused ... any answers please!!!!! thanks !


mjvdec01 - April 8

Opk's can be used as hpt's. Opk's are traditionally used to detect the LH hormone, however, they will also pick up HCG (pregnancy hormone) if it is concentrated enough. For an opk to be considered positive for pregnancy, the test line must be as dark or darker that the control line (at least that is the norm). When your girlfriend uses a hpt, it should only be used with first morning urine, and the dip method is the best way to go. She just needs to pee in a dixie cup and dip the test, this ensures the proper saturation of the test. Opk's should not be used with forst morning urine***unless she is using one to test for pregnancy***. The best pregnancy test to use is First Response Early Results. Does any of this help?



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