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Britnei - November 29

Ok..Im very confused.. I took a clear blue pregnancy test today..and it came up with the verticle line very quickly and a faint horizontal line...but does this mean im prego..cus if it is negative it is suppose to be horizontal right?


T - November 29

Brit - If you are pregnant hun, you usually get a cross on the clearblue test or two lines. I would do another test if you aren't sure or go to your doctor for a blood test. Sometimes the tests can go a bit weird. A cross on a clearblue is usually a positive.


E - November 29

If there is a plus in the pregnancy window, no matter how faint, it is likely positive. Negative is only a minus (horizontal). Congrats!!


Britnei - November 30

Do you think I would just be better off to go buy a diffrent test and see... Im hoping that I am..and I dont want to get my hopes up..but I am also now late for my period...thanks to you all for you help..


Debra - November 30

The insert states that a positive test result is indicated, even if one of the lines is faint. I would take another test in a few days....I bet it will be darker next time! Good luck!


Britnei - November 30

Well I took another test this morning but it was ANSWER instead...and sure enough it came up 2 lines i think i am prego now..


steph - December 7

i did one similar to clear blue before actually doing a clear blue itself but in the instruction manual it failed to mention that the - sign is faint anyway so i thought the + result after id taken it meant id taken it wrong lol i did however do a clear blue after which was also positive and they do explain the + and - results pretty well in the leafelet. im now 9 weeks pregnany :D


@sin - December 17

my wife did a clear blue test last nite and the horizontal line was very faint... not sure if really preg! :P Actually, not even sure if i am ready! took a picture of the clear blue indicator! will email them


ha - December 17

dont listen to e she does not know what she is talking about talk to a doctor


jen - December 20

i took the clear blue pregnancy test and i threw out the box not thinking that the result sheet was in the box, and i took the test and the circle was a light blue line but you could hardly see it and the square second one was a dark blue line does this mean that i am pregnant?????


sandy - April 5

I was wondering if anyone took longer then 2 weeks to show a positive test result??


jen - April 28

I took a test and it didnt give me an answer but i pulled the strip out and it had one blue line is that negative?


Faith - April 29

Jen, what do you mean you pulled the strip out? Do you mean that nothing happened when you took the test and then you took it apart and saw one blue line? If so then the test did not work. If you do not pee on a test and take it apart you will see one blue or pink line. That is the dye that moves across the test when you put enough urine on it. You will need to retest. If


Amanda - May 2

It is my understanding that any sign of a verticle line (other than in the control window) is an indication of pregnancy, regardless of the presense of the horizontal line. Good luck!


Jessica - May 14

What about if you take the test and no lines show up at all??


Melinda - May 23

I bought the Clearblue and lost the instruction...can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do to find my result?


Kim - June 2

I took a test a lost the instructions. The first window has a horizontol line and the second window has a vertical line does that mean that I'm pregnant??



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