HELP Brown Spottin A Week Ago 2 Month N 3 Weeks Late

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Jen - June 30

i don't know if im preg or not i did two preg tests one a week or so ago and one a few weeks ago and both turned out negative.. im 2 months and 3 weeks late for my period.. you know how some women had sensitive nipples? well i had that but that only lasted a week or so.. like it stopped 2-3 weeks ago.. and a week ago i jus finished havin lil like very little blood u could barely tell.. i dont know.. but it only lasted few days.. right now i dont feel anything maybe im jus paranoid n feel pregnant.. because my stomach is still normal.. and i could still suck it in.. can u still do that when your pregnant? i dont know please help me.. =(


JEN - June 30

oh to add i also have this discharge like its creamy like.. its nasty but i dont kno is it normal or a preg symptom??


Stef - June 30

I would say to take one more test and do it first thing in the morning. If it is still negative and you still don't get your period then call your doctor so you can go in for a blood test.


***C*** - July 1

Hey there Jen, I am now going on 2 months and a week since my last period.. neg test i have some of the symptoms.. lemme know what you find out?? hopefully something we can use. would love to find out im not nutts and that you can be pregnant and not have a positive test this far along.. id be 9 weeks pregnant..... good luck


regarding stomach - July 4

In early pregnancy, the fetus would be very small (1 inch at first, and only 3 inches by 12-14 weeks), so yes you could still such in your stomach, because most of the gain is fluid. Oh and the creamy discharge is something that does happen in early pregnancy as well. This can't guarantee you are pregnant, but does happen in pregnancy. Spotting can also occur in pregnancy, but doesn't always.


***C*** - July 7

Hey there, today ( after 2 months and 2 weeks ) i have had brown..... discharge like gel doesnt absorb into the paper.. its just brown discharge... i dunno if its a period or spotting.. all neg pregnancy test but im so lost... i guess im gonna count it as a period and see what happens.... any advice did you ever start your period jen?? was your spotting like i discribed??



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