Help My EPT Result Has Me Confused

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LC - April 17

I took the ept test that has the plus/minus result yesterday. When I first took it after about 5 minutes I read it and I had a very bold vertical line in the square box saying the test worked properly. The round window is a different story. When I first checked it I had a faint horizontal line, enough for me to see, but not as bold as the square window. But, there was no vertical line in the circle window that I could see. Well I checked the same test about 14 hours after taking it just to be sure and I am now seeing a very faint pin sized vertical line? I am also wondering if an IUD can interfer with the test results. I have had the IUD for almost 2 years, and my period comes and goes and everytime it goes for a while I do a pregnancy test. This time I haven't had a period in about 3 months, and I feel like I've had some symptoms, nausea (which I am never the type to feel that) br___t tenderness and indegestion (which I've only had while being pregnant). Someone please help if possible, because with having an IUD I really need to get some answers quickly. Thanks!


Milissa - April 18

This TEST sucks! It has issues. Read my forum false+,not pregnant- (first trimester)


josh - April 25

the test says that after some length of time (probably 15 min) the display is no longer valid.


Dee - April 29

I took an EPT this morning.. had a bold line in each window and in the plus/minus box about 10 min later had a fat light blue line. Do you think that was too long to wait to read the results?


Dee - April 29

Well I went a bought a new box of tests on my lunch break today and took the test in the bathroom at my office. I got a faint line, so I think I actually may be pregnant! so this is 2 for the positive. I'm going to take another one tonite and one in the morning just to be sure.


Lisa - May 19

I took the same dumb test and it is very confusing. I think that I should have just bought a cheap store brand and I probably would have got better results than this ept c___p.


megan - May 23

I'm having the same problem


Jennifer - May 23

I had the same results and I am so confused. Please someone if you have any clue as to these results, please post them.


LC - May 23

Well I will agree agree with everyone, EPT does Suck! I actually found out that I wasn't pregnant, even though the doctors thought I was by my symptoms. I ended up in the ER with a severe kidney infection. Anyways with this test I don't believe the time frame it gives, because 6 months before I got pregnant with my 2nd son I had a miscarriage, but if I had not checked the EPT test I had taken later than the 10 min time frame it gives I woulda never even known I was pregnant! Just wanted to post this in case it may help.


Jen - May 23

The same thing happened to me with the ept test. I would just have a bright vertical line. It wasn't a negative or postive. I took 4 test that did that. Finally I went and bought one that would say pregnant or not pregnant. Guess what I'm pregnant. More than likely if it's just a vertical line you are pregnant. EPT have been having lots of problems with there tests.


alisha - May 25

i have an ept test the line in the square is up and down the one in the circle is side to side what does this mean


Jennifer - May 25

That was what mine looked like. they were not parallel. I got my period yesterday.


heather - May 31

I have had similar issues with that test. It said on the box that a negative is a horizontal like just like you see in the control window, I got a dark vertical line in the +/- area and a faint horizontal line. My understanding is that if the vertical line is there I am pregnant. But who knows I will take another test later.


Jessie - May 31

I had the same issue reading the ept test. I had a very light horz. line but my vert. line was dark blue. That was April 23. I'm now 12 weeks and due 12/9/05. I found out I was almost 8w by the time I missed a pd and tested. I would not recomend this test to anyone!!!!!!!


Lyssa - June 5

If there's even a faint line, you're pregnant.


Bonnie - June 15

I bought this test and like everone else it was difficult to read. I had a really barely visable horizontal line and a dark vertical line. I thought I did something wrong. I had an extra test and tried it the next morning with the exact same results. I waiting to call EPT's hotline. The customer service rep. told me that the vertical line is what counted for calling it positive. So I guess I am preg. I will have to wait for a Dr. Appt to be sure. Because I already spent near $20.00 on those test, I didn't see the point of spending more to be just as confused. I don't recomment the +/- test at all. There are test that are easier to read on the market.


Beth - June 16

Jessie - what brand did you use to find out you were pregnant?



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