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ljorgie77 - February 9

Hi my name is Laura i havent goten my period since Dec. 1 2006 i've taken many HPT and they have been Neg i went to the Doc and she took blood and Neg . I dont know what to do what can just stop your period for 2months please help dont know what to do thank you Laura


bigmaksmom - February 12

is your period usually irregular? I know mine is so I can go up to 3 mths with out having one, so it's really hard for me with trying to get pregnant. I am constantly wondering if I am... good luck.


Catrinia - February 12

Hi, I am Tammy and i havent had my period since Dec. 18th and i went to see doc and he did blood test and it as negative too so wa home tests. I am right there with u. I know this doesnt answer your question but just know u are not alone. ok. Hang in there, i will be here if u want to respond.


ljorgie77 - February 12

My periods are regular i just dont now what is going on inside me. My Gyn is doing a s____n a___lysis on my husbad and the she said she want toinduce my period. Well see what happens thanks for the response


DownbutnotOUT - February 12

I didnt have a period for 2 months which I fele is due to an ovarian cyst I had but with mine i got a faint faint + on a HPT, I was not pregnant. Than on the other hand I was 14 1/2 weeks preggers before I got a +. So you never know


ljorgie77 - February 13

downbutnotOUT did you have any pregnacy symptoms. see i dont realy have any except for bloating , gas, i have cramping and a lot of pressure lower abdominal and my nipples are sensitive and they tingle. I dont feel sick by b___bs dont hurt . Thanks


Laurabe - February 22

Laura & Catrinua, I am in exactly the same boat as you two.. My last period was on 18th December, I have had 2 negative home tests, the doc took blood & urine samples, came back negative.. the doctor didn't have any ecplanation for me.. soI am noe further forward. My period was always regular, never late, and now I have missed 2 periods with no explanation..


ljorgie77 - February 22

Hey guys i finaly got my period after almost 3 months . thank for all tha advice . i have one ? does anyone know what is a good ovulation kit . is the one that you use your salyva good thank again


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner but heck ya I had alot of signs of pregnancy. Im glad and sad af showed up for you at least now you can get to ttc, I heard the saliva tests are good and so are the dollar tree OPK tests. Also along with opk try temping with Fertilityfriend (dot) com. I was lucky I started drinking soy, I forget what cds, I would guess maybe cd 4-13 and with temping with FF I had a 28 day cycle (I never had a 28 day cycle in my life). Well I got pregnant that month, good luck to you and take care :)



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