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sara b - May 23

It has been 7 weeks since my LMP and I have an IUD. I have had three negative HPT's and the dr. lost my bloodwork.... (great i know). I went for an ultrasound today, both transva___al and abdominal. In the abdominal ultrasound I clearly saw the outline of my uterus with IUD. Above the IUD were three, YES THREE!!!!, black round things. The tech started drawing arrows to them and I just couldn't help myself anymore, I had to ask. As soon as I asked she told me she coulndn't tell me anything and turned the screen away while she labeled them. After this she started the transva___al and kept the whole machine down by my feet where I couldn't see a thing. Has anyone ever seen anything like this during early pregnancy? Could I have cysts in my uterus? Cancer? I'm freaking out. Please tell me if your babies looked like this at 6 1/2 weeks. I could deal with triplets, just not anything that's going to kill me. Thank you all so much.


Lala - May 24

Any news? When do you get to see the doc for the results?


Clarissa23 - May 24 not sure...have you called your doc for an explanation? that sounds like what babies look like but only your doc will know for sure


misladyjane - May 24

First of all i would make a complaint because even if she wasnt allowed to tell you anything you have every right to watch on the screen what they are doing with your body and second i would call the doctor and find out let them know what you saw and as soon as they get a report to give you the answers right away and you can also get a report for your records that you can take home


misladyjane - May 24

would like to add that she could of said something when i had my b___st examined due to the doc finding a lump the tech told me that she didnt find anything and i also had an ultrasound done to check for fibroids or cysts and she told me if she found a baby as i was unsure if pregnant cause no period for a long time she would let my husband come in and see


sara b - May 24

No news yet. The tech told me two days for my doc to get the report so hopefully tomorrow. I tried to call my dr.'s office but their lunch hour is the same as mine and they close before I leave work. I'm going to call on the way in tomorrow and let them know what is going on and ask for a copy of my report. Also I'm going to ask about what exactly techs can and can not do so I know next time. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the replies.



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