Help Positive HPT Then Negative

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BAF - April 3

I took one test yesterday and it said Pregnant. I then tested this morning with a different brand and it said Not Pregnant. Could I still be pregnant? So confused! Please help! I need some encouragement! When should I test again?


Natmaree - April 4

i have had a similar expereince, my hpt's said pos but my blood test says neg - my Dr has no idea but i know my own body - i was preg


JJ - April 19

hello baf, was just wondering if you are pregnant. I do realise you posted the question a couple of weeks ago. I too have had positive tests which are now neg, GGGRRRRR!!! but my af still hasnt arrived.


BAF - April 19

JJ, I went for a blood test at the Dr and it was of course negative. The nurse said my hormone levels were at zero so I had a false positive with the HPT. It was a Clear Blue Easy Digital. I'll never use one again! I did start my period and am now on the eve of the 2WW! Expecting the ovulate any time now. Enjoying the BD with hubby! Keep me posted on your outcome.


Lala - April 19

BAF, your not the only victim of the Clearblue digital false positive. I, too, had one a few months back. I found out that it's been happening. Check out's a really good site. Under current issues, she talks about this test. I don't know why they don't recall this test! Talk about false hopes--the word pregnant on the test!! Make sure you call them, otherwise they won't be aware of the problem. At the very least they should refund you. best to you!


tish - April 20

i have heard a lot about clear blue easy digitals giving false results. here is a site that can give you more info, up to date info, on what tests are the best to use. the woman who created the site has has personal experience with all kinds of pregnancy tests and people send her all kinds of thing and info. i trust the site.


aggie03 - April 20

I like that site too. I have to swear by the New Choice from the Dollar Store! only a dollar and gave me a strong poss two a day before missed period. Then I used first response (to verify, b/c I only paid $1 for it) and it was harder to see the line!! You can buy like 15 of them for the price of one.


Shannone - April 26

This may sound a little craz y but I took 9 HPT and all were positive. Went to Dr. and had 2 blood test done. Both neg. I had alittle brown spotting last week . Was 6-8 weeks late. Monday I get my period, its very heavy with lots of clotting, no cramps. I am still feeling very pregnant, I sould know I have 2 toddlers. Drs. are scrachting there heads. I am going back to dr. in the morning but dont know what they are planning to do about my problem.


karina - April 26

See our thread 'Negative tests and botched ultrasound but feeling kicks"


Shannone - April 27

Ok, here is my update. I went to my family dr and she said that I may have miscarried. She THINKS. Dr. would not do anouther blood test or US. She said I didnt need one. She also said to come back in JUly and she would check me out then. The thing is that I dont know what to expect if I do miscarrie. I did have a period on Monday and was heavy this clots but it was gone in 2 days and I had no cramping, no pain. Should I have had something like that? Do I sit around and take the wait and see game? Now I more confused then I was last week. Going nuts here!!


Shannone - May 2

Ok, heres one more update. I went back to Dr for number 3 blood test and it is neg. So, I guess I will give up on the hole preggy thing right now. I dont know what happened but how could I get 9 HPT and all be pos. and they were taken diffent times of the day and diffent brands. Now I still have all the signs. The newest one bing the blue veins on the belly and upper thighs. I feel pregnant but the dr says no. I guess I will have to wait until the end of the month to see how this things plays out. Last but not least it maybe all in my head so I will so with that for now.



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