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Angel - September 29

Hi there... I've posted a few times with my situation, but I've been away on holidays for the past 2 weeks. I'm now on day 50-something of my cycle... no period.. no sign of period... two negative hpt's and not any clear signs of being pregnant. I've made an appointment to have some blood drawn, but I'm a little worried. Has anyone else gone through anything similar ? Were you pregnant or was there something else going on ? Thanks for any and all feedback...


Angel - September 29

p.s. just so it's clear, we are trying for a baby - my husband and I... I've been off the pill for almost 4 months now..


milissa - September 29

you could be but then again you could have not ovulated?!? I once never had a period for 3 months no sign of pregnancy at all! then I got it, so sometimes that happens a womens body is very tricky"! dont worrie to much "K" have faith! Good luck


Kelly L - September 29

When I went off the pill my cycles were crazy and I was not ovulating. I had to go on CLomid to me ovulate and it worked. I twins. I would definitly go see your doctor.


Nick - September 30

Kelly L. How did you know that you wee not ovulating if you were still getting your period? I have been off the pill for 1 and a half cycles and my last period was a couple days late and different than usual. How do I know if I am ovulating or not?


Angel - September 30

Hi there.. I went today to have my blood drawn. I should know the results in 3 work days. I'm so confused. I was almost positive I was ovulating and took full advantage of it. I'm not sure if some of the stuff I'm experiencing are real pregnancy symptoms or just my hopeful imagination. My b___sts have just started to feel a little sore and I'm not as regular as I used to be... any thoughts ? Could I be pregnant ?


Natalie - October 4

Hey angel was just wondering what ur results were? im kinda in the same vote and blood tests were negative but still no periods. if anyone can give me some advice email me on [email protected] thanks.



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