Here We Go Sec Period A No Show Dr Appt Time

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Equuss - June 29

Hi again ladies! Well my second month & my period didn't show up. I'm not suprized, I keep showing more pg signs as time passes. So looks like I need to set a Doc. Appt. but when is a good time? Now? I am soooo curious of how far along I am. But then I'm scared of the results seeing how I have heard of women having a neg. on a blood test & they were indeed pg! Maybe I should be pushy for an ultrasound instead?? First I thought I was just 4 weeks but I think I might be farther along than that since I've missed 2 periods. A few yrs ago when my husband & I started trying to concieve, it seemed about impossible & that it would never happen so we stopped trying so hard, & here we are now, missing periods, getting sick throughout the day. My husband told me that I was "glowing" yesterday which is funny cuz I had real bad morning sickness, felt & looked like c__p, no make-up on & my hair was a mess, go figure! lol I'll keep you guys updated on my Doc. visit & I wish you all the best of luck!!


C - June 29

Hi there Equuss, I cant wait to hear what the doctor has told you. I am in the same boat... missed my 2nd period ( it seems ) been having some symptoms. keep thinking if i wait it out ill get my period.. seems like i am wrong. I have taken a few test.. all negative. Im 19 and never been through anything like this before. never missed a period in the last 8 yrs either. my husband seems to think I am indeed pregnant.. and the test are wrong.. scared to even know what the doctor will say... anyways im blabbering... keep me up to date please. thank you sooo much, C


A32 - June 29

What have you heard about women being PG with a neg blood test? My husband and I started trying to conceive, LMP was May 29th, I purchased an O predictor and got a surge line on the 16th day of my cycle, we did the deed before that and after that too. AF was supposed to be here Sunday (June26th), she didn't show up. I took an HPT (actually I took several) and I got a BFN. Being concerned that AF was late and I am never late I went to the DR, blood test was done and DR said that I am not PG and my hormones are in not out of whack. Today is day 32 of my cycle and there is no sign of AF. I am not stressed, nothing new in my life, I haven't gained or lost a big amount of weight and I have never, ever been late except when I was PG before. Anyone has any idea what is wrong with me? I feel like the Dr is not helping me, he doesn't want to give me any drugs to make AF come because there is no hormonal imbalance. I am so confused.


C - July 2

Hey there A ... FInd out anything else? good luck im still lost.... ugh


A - July 3

Wow C, do you have any symptoms? I am still waiting for AF to show up too, but I am only a week late in comparison to you that missed two periods. Are you going back to the Doc?


C - July 3

Hey there A, Im going to go IF i miss this period.. its only a few days late now.....should have been the 26th.. and now the 3rd....I took another test.. negative.. been trying to think of the exact days of BD... seems i was a few days before and after ovulation.... so if i was early or late.. lol.. but still those neg test...So, its just a waiting game it seems.... totally sucks.. ha..


C - July 3

I do have symptoms. my bbs are bigger and kinda itchy... gas, constipation, my sides are hurting, headaches, exhausted....not wanting what food i used to like and wanting what i didnt like.. haha.. which is sometimes gross... sometimes smell gets to me. ive been pretty moody.. seems like the other day my husband made some joke to me.... and i just started crying... so i guess these are symptoms...



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