Hi Im New Here I Need Help Please Everyone

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Sophiaab87 - May 15

Hello Everying Im Sophie.. Im new to this website and i need help.... Ok here is my problem... I have irregular cycle.. the longest my cycle has eva been was 67 days. My last period was March 8th... Ive been having unprotected s_x since the last week of feb. So I calculated it and it isays i ovulated on the 30th. i had s_x 2 days before I ovulated and the day i ovulated. Recently Ive been constipated, sleeping alot, drinking and urinating alot, cramping, and breaking out on my stomach. That is the only symptoms ive had. The day i started spotting which was thursday my belly button was hurting alot like someone was poke it and it hurt down to where my uterus is. Now today i was suppose to get my period and it still didnt come Im still spotting.. When i usually get my period it just comes down. I never spotted for so long. I was wondering if this was my period acting up or implantation bleeding or something else?... I heard u get implantation bleeding from 6-12 days or about the day your period comes.... I know i should get a blood test or urine test but i wanted to kno if this has happened to anyone? And what is ur opinion on this? Also, Is douching in early early pregnancy ( 3-4 weeks) safe? Just to clean the va___al area real good from implantation bleeding and stuff??? I hear it wasnt good.. After reading but i wanted to kno it would effect the baby or cause i miscarriage. I only douched once because i couldnt stand the spotting... Sorry im trying to fit in all the question I have all @ once... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!! i need alot of opinions please! AND HOW SOON CAN I TEST?


miniroll - May 15

hi my period was due 4th may but didnt show only had spotting for a week or so i have taken 4 hpt all neg also blood test neg my last period was 10th apr i have 2 girls and my hpts showed straight away i have never missed a period b 4 unless ive been pregnant please help



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