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felfle - March 10

has anybody tried the "predictor" test, with pinkdots, have you got any idea on how accurate this test is, and how sensitive it is, I had it and couldn't wait till I miss my period, probably few days before, but it is negative, I am soo depressed :(


felfel - March 10

Anyone tried it, it said I should do it the day my period is due, my periiod is irregular, but I think it shoul be sometimes soon


Ana - March 10

What does "predictor" test measures?


felfel - March 10

it is a pregnancy test it tests hcg. I am in the UK...


Ana - March 10

Oh, I didn't know they make one with dots. There are tests with lines, with + and -, digital. I never heard they make one with dots. I hope that you'll get a lot of pink dots in next few days, maybe it was to early. I know how frustrating it is to wait. I just ovulated 3 days ago, can't wait to start testing.


carrie - March 10

hi i believe the predictor is not as sensitive as other hpt. You should try boots hpt, i am not due period until 3 days but been getting faint positive with boots but with clearblue all i'm getting is the faintest of shadows. I am really praying that i am pregnant. Good luck


felfel - March 10

Good luck to you carrie, hope you get the clear positive soon, do you happen to know the sensitivity of thie predictor test, I have been looking all over the internet for it:(


carrie - March 11

Hi felfel


carrie - March 11

hi felfle the predictor hpt test i believe picks up 50hcg. (well its supposed to) I really do not have great believe in predictor i dont think its accurate until after period is due. Goodluck


felfle - March 11

Hi carrie, I actually feel really pregnant this time, I hope this test is wrong I will re-test in a week's time, how about you have you had another test, I would think you are pregoo as you had the faint line...!!best of luck


carrie - March 12

hi felfel Well i'm really stressing now, i took a hpt this morning and yes there is still a very faint line but it looks fainter than the previous test. I am now worried that this has turned out to be a chemical pregnancy as i had this happen to me on my last pregnancy (which was through ivf) I'm really praying that i am wrong. You should try another test. I reckon you are pregnant if you feel it (womans intuition is better than any test) carrie


felfel - March 13

What happened with you carrie, any news yet? I have not news yet, my period is due tomorrow:( hope it does not come!!!


carrie - March 14

hi felfel Well my period was due yesterday, and it still hasnt came. I'm going to wait a couple of days before i test again so then i will know for sure instead of getting faint lines carrie


felfel - March 14

my period was due signs, I am actually having clear strechy discharge, which made me think probably I am still ovulating..I don't know, I have sore b___sts ..don't know what is happening, I 'll wait for one more week and test again...fingers crossed for both of us!!!



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