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sam - August 23

Ive just found out im 7 and a half weeks pregnant and the hcg is really low. Im being told to rest alot and that the hcg at my time of pregnancy shouldnt be that low. My doctor says to take test as positive from family planing i have to do another one then ill see a midwife does that sound right to you?


Angie - August 24

Just copy/pated this from a forum that was waiting to hear also. I always seem to show up on a hpt later rather than sooner. This is from today's aapt. I should be 6 weeks - 7 cycle is like 32 days, so I think I am 6wks0days. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It pretty muched sucked! I still believe I am pg so that is one good thing. Here is was happened: When I walked in I saw my doctor, he is the one I made the appt. for, I have never seen another obgyn beore.....Anyway, my doc left and has a new partner, the other doc ws very nice, not complaing about that However, the doc was in complete rush, something to do at the hospital, I think it was a section.........SO, they never asked about my cycle length, any questions like that, just when my last period was. He said well your pg test ( pee ) is showing negative ( I knew that!! )He kept saying he was going to do a pap and never mentioning checking my cervix, I thought he was going to do it together. So in about a minute or less of him coming in the room, he says well your pap is done and was leaving! I sat up and said wait ( LOL ) what about the U/s I had requested and told I would get?? He said well if your urin test is showing negative than the U/S will show nothing........ok???? So he says you want to go do a blood test, I said I am here I guess I will, he said call for those results Friday and he said its possible to get a negative blood test in early pregnancy......I asked him how can ppl know they are pg in 3-4 weeks and I never show up early, usually at 8 - 9 weeks I will read........he said people are just different and some woman take longer to build the hcg # up. So, I walked out with just a pap ( which I needed ) and no answers. He had a list of my symptons I made in his hand, he couldn't confirm it and he couldn't say I wasen't pg either. He never checked my b___bs to see those blue veins either.....just crazy! Anyway at least he was nice and the pap is out of the way. Onething I did get out of all this is.......I kept wondering do I drive to that small not so nice hospital to have the baby, so I could stay with my doc or do I sart over at this nice hospital geared for just women closer to my home. If I never know who I will see, I rather start over and go to the nice hospital. I mean a doc like this, you usually try to keep the same one! Anyway, he said to test in 2 weeks so back to waiting. Angie


sam - August 26

im supposed to be 8 weeks now but looking on a pragnancy calender on another sight shows my b___sts should have been tender at five weeks but only started a week ago does that mean im only coming 6 weeks instead? please can anyone tell me?


Angie - August 26

Hio Sam, No.........those dates of symptons are just a guidline. Many women have them ealier or later or never at all. Congratulations!! Angie


Darla - September 1

So is it safe to say that some of the posts on here say that they have had a Negative QUANTITATIVE blood test and it was wrong? They were pregnant? I have been trying to find out if that could be so. I really feel I am pg - my stomach is crampy and pully/achy/stretchy very low the same way it was when I was pg. with my 4 yr old son. I'm never late and I should have started on Aug. 21st. had some spotting on Aug. 24th for 2 days, stopped and then spotted again after DH and I ML on Aug.26th then nothing. Five neg hpts. and had a quant_tative blood test this past Tuesday Aug.30th. that was 2. Negative. I'm trying to just leave it in God's hands and still will, but after reading these posts feel that maybe I'm not crazy after all. My HCG levels were low when I first found out I was pg with my son but they were enough to show I was pg. AAGGHH! So confusing! Best of luck and Baby Dust to everyone TTC!!


Hopin - September 4

Hello everyone!! I experienced a much lighter period Aug 21 and about a wk later started feeling very tired and moody. I am craving certain foods and my nipples are sore. I took a urine at the dr and it was neg. and two hpt (fact plus) that were neg. I still feel pregnant. I'm wondering how easy it would be to imagine these signs. (I would be 5 1/2 - 6wks). Also wonder if my nipples are sore cause I keep checking to see if they are and made them sore.......I'M GOING NUTS!! I have a 4 yr old and would like one more. I'll be 40 in Nov. and I dont have time on my side. Could this all be in my head?? PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE....thanks!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!


Hopin - September 4

Hi again. I just posted a little while ago, but I wanted to mention that I know personally of 3 people that had their "period" while pregnant. 1of them had it up until 6 months and didnt even know she was preg. and the other 2 were around 5 months, again not knowing they were preg. All delivered fullterm, healthy babies. I guess pregnancy is not an exact science! Hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!!


maybe this will help - September 4

certain women produce antibodies that attach to HCG and mask the pregnancy. there is no known cause for this and there is nothing wrong with the baby or mother


KIM - September 4

To: maybe this will help - that is interesting what you said about some women producing antibodies to hide the HCG. How common is this? and how can you know if you are pregnant if no test shows up positive?? just wondering b/c I feel pregnant, and have not tested ++ on hpt yet.


maybe this will help - September 4

I don't know how common it is, but it does happen. I found the info while researching why I have not tested positive after being 7 weeks late for my period now. I think the only way to tell for sure for those women that produce the antibody is by ultra-sound. A lot of women on this forum have had this problem including mandy its a long thread, but worth the read, especially if you have the same feeling she did, that you are pregnant despite the negative tests. Hope this helps.


ashley - September 5

Can someone help me? I took a home pregnancy test last night and it showed up negative. Actually, it looks like there COULD be a positive line, but it is beyond faint so I don't know. The negative line was also faint. It is anywhere from 3-13 days before my period is due, as my cycle varies in length. I had unprotected s_x around the time I was supposed to be ovulating, and about 4 days before I took the test, I was getting some breif cramping that felt like it might be from implantation. Do you think I could be pregnant? Is this just to early? How much hcg would be present 4 days after implantation? Thanks


me - September 8

can u miss carry and not kno u were preg


becky - September 9

hi ev1, idid 3 home preg tests and they came up positve the first 2 where a faint second line and i also went to the doctors and had a preg test there which came up neg, so i went to the chemist and got another home test which came up positve again. I then went to another doctor and showed her my test and she said that after doin 3 tests at home which came up positive should would definately say i am, i just want to know why it didnt show up at the doctors visit what do u all think any advice would be great


S.D.O - September 9

ask the dr. to do an abdominal ultrasound , not just a pelvic. abdominal pregnancy is more and more these days, but still rare. you can still bleed every month and neg testing. its not bowel movements or gas and no such thing as phantom that is there way of ignorance, fetus can attach to your bowel, bladder, spleen, liver ect... go to and also go to google search and type in abdominal pregnancy, you can die from this i could of, listen to your body not the dr.s a fetus can die and you would never know or if your lucky they will find it , they call it phantom or mimmics because they do not have the brains to look somewhere else, women are dieing from this. good luck and don't take no for an answer! (:


maybe - September 9

My last period was on 7/6/05, it is now 9/9/05. I have done about 10 tests all negative. UGGG. I'm glad to see that I am not alone. Next week will go in for Blood Test. I have had b___st tenderness, nausea, heartburn and mood swings. If I'm not pregnant, I'm crazy. I think Pregnancy tests are just a rip off from what I can see here! Good luck everyone and have happy, healthy babies!


Carol - September 13

My last period was in june and it is now sept. I took 5 hpt and they turned out a faint positive so I went to my Dr. and had them do the test and it turned out negative so we did a blood test and it was negative that was all in the month of july I have all the symtoms of being pregnant nausea but without vomiting, bloating, fatigue, frequent urination, headaches, little b___terfly flutters. I took another hpt today and it turned out negative if I'm not pregnant then why am I feeling like I am am I crazy or something by my calcalations I should be 12 weeks pregnant shouldn't a test show up positive by now please someone have the answers for that I need to know cause it's really driving me crazy.



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