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Carol - September 13

My last period was in june and it is now sept. I took 5 hpt and they turned out a faint positive so I went to my Dr. and had them do the test and it turned out negative so we did a blood test and it was negative that was all in the month of july I have all the symtoms of being pregnant nausea but without vomiting, bloating, fatigue, frequent urination, headaches, little b___terfly flutters. I took another hpt today and it turned out negative if I'm not pregnant then why am I feeling like I am am I crazy or something by my calcalations I should be 12 weeks pregnant shouldn't a test show up positive by now please someone have the answers for that I need to know cause it's really driving me crazy.


Holly - September 13

Hey Carol, I'm right there with you. LMP 6/15/05, coming up on my 3rd missed period in a couple days. No positive test yet, but every sign of pregnancy. I know it happens to some women that they never get a positve test, but I also know its extremely rare. Some women in this forum didn't get a + until 4 1/2- 5 months pregnant. Its a strange phenominon, but it does happen to some. I'm frusterated because i have no insurance and can't afford a ultra sound, which I've also heard could be negative because of my tilted uterus, so I'm trying to be patient and just wait things out, until it is undeniable to everyone (and hopefully before I pop it out). The clinic I went to a couple weeks ago told me to wait until after I missed my third period and I could come back and pay for a thyroid test and a prolactin test because my nipples are leaking. Wouldn't that suggest that my prolactin is high by itself?? They also said they'd give me something to kick start my period, which I won't do because I've heard too many stories now of undetected pregnancies and women trusting their doctors that they weren't pregnant only to lose the baby when they took those pills. So patient I will remain, continue to take care of myself. I honestly don't know what else could cause me to feel so pregnant if I am not, and there's no way it is a phantom pregnancy because I was not trying and I have no desire to have anymore kids at this time. I have 2 boys, 6 and 4 and with my oldest I did not get a positive until I was 8 1/2 weeks along, although I am past that point now, but every pregnancy like every baby is different. Good luck!


Confused - September 14

Hello! First time poster, long time reader :-) I had a positive ovulation test & was inseminated on 8/5 & 8/6. AF never came & I am always like clockwork every 28 days (today I should be getting 2nd AF since imsemination but, no sign of it and bbt is 98.2). I have sensitive b___sts, cervical mucous, elevated bbt. I have gotten negative hpt's & one negative blood test. I am trying to move on with my life and I am fine with accepting that I'm not preggo but, all the signs point to yes (except the tests that point to no :-p) I'm so confused!! Has this happened to anyone else but, did indeed find out you were pregnant? I would be about 7 weeks along....


hope - September 15

hi confused... looks like we are going through the same thing. i had my af on the 28jul. ad many hpt's and finally got the result of a blood test all neg. but i did feel preggo, til a few days ago. i am bloated/tender nipples/discharge. i have an appt with my gyny on tue. i am trying to get on with life, and that i may not be preggo..but its hard. my gyny wants me to start clomid. i am scared that he wants to get my period to come so that we can start the treatment. but what if i am preggo. what should i do.??? i know i should just continue as though i am not this time--i am sooo confused.


chealsi - September 16

did her stomach showed or what cause i dont know if i em


stephanie C - September 21

yeah it happend to me , i didnt know i was pregnant even though all the test said negative when i went to the doctor they told me i was pregnant.


Simran - September 21

I am 3 weeks late and yet no period.. I have dizziness in the evening and feel pregnant. I also have nausea after i eat something. I took 3 test and negative. I have a appt with my doctor today. Hope everything goes well.. Will keep you posted.. Thanks Simaran


Stacye - September 21

Hi, I too am experiencing all the pregnancy symptoms, sore b___sts, urinating alot, tired, cramping but no bleeding and back aches. I have taken several pregnancy tests I am now 7 days late but went to the ER on Monday night because of the cramping I thought at one point I may have had a tubal pregnancy but they did an ultrasound and a vagianl ultrasound and a urine test all came back negative yet I still have all the symptoms of pregnancy but negative tests. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son and didnt know I was pregnant with him unitl 7.5 weeks and the only early symptom I had was I was very tired and some bleeding shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I am scheduled to have a bloof test this friday. Has anyone experienced this and the blood work came back positive? Ive done alot of reading and found that sometimes even the v____al ultrasound can detect only one week earlier than a regular ultrasound so Im wondering if I am pregnant that its still too early to tell or am I just getting my hopes up. I fear having to do the blood work because I dont want it to come back negative. My last period was 8/14/05 and I am not regular with my periods so I have no clue if I actually ovulated on the the 28th of August but my husband and I had s_x on the 22nd, 26th and the 2nd of Sept. so now I would be about 3 weeks gastational. I'm so confused! Anyone experience this?? If so can you please tell me more about your experience? Thanks.


hope - September 21

fingers crossed for you simran. stacey ..i have faced similar doc has sent me for blood last week that was unclear and another yesterday and both times he says that they are negative. i still havent had a period (last one was in jul). he wants to start me on clomid... normally you would begin taking this on the 5 day of your cycle but i havent had one... i still thinki might be pregnant.. he will not send me for an do i make him?? he is just saying that if i take the clomid all will be well. what should i do take it or wait for my period...??


elegancat516 - September 21

ho w early can u tell if your pregant


Renee - September 22

Okay... I am having problems figuring out if I am prego or not. I had a period june 28th, but mine are not regular at all, and I skipped in july and had on first of Aug. and started the whole 'symptoms' of being pregnant. But then I had a short one sept.3-6th. I took one 9-2 but came back negative but the symptoms haven't gone away at all yet. my back is still hurting bad, my b___bs are still sore and growing, the cramping isn't so bad anymore. But one of the days in sept. that i had a short peroid, one day it was real bright red blood, but i wasn't cramping realy bad anymore.. the cramping has gone done, but I went to teh doc but they'd only do a urine test on me, and it came back -. this is my second child and it took starting my 3rd motnh to show +........ but it's driving my crazy now!!! going to take a test again this weekend... just KNOW that i am!


Jasmine - September 26

Well, I guess I am feeling the same as the rest of you. I am 12 days late now, and I know that I am pregnant. 3 hpt's came back neg. but that happened with my first also. I took 1 first responce that came neg, and then went to doc and had the more advanced blood test that said positive. I know now that this is what will happen again. I am bloated, nausious bad, tired, b___sts are definatly bigger. I keep telling hubby that I know my body, and I know I am pregnant. I am gonna wait another week and take another hpt, but I don't care if it says neg, I am going to doc and demanding the advanced blood test. I think some woman just don't have as much hcg in their body's as others do. Oh, and I am so sick of people telling me that the hpt's worked great for them. If one more person says that to me I will scream


Jasmine - September 27

14 days late now, just got the positive result. I knew I was pregnant. I guess with some people it just takes longer for the hcg's to show up. I have appointment with doc today. To all that are getting neg tests, just keep testing. I even had a blood test show neg last week.


Ashley - September 29

i just recently started seeing this guy and i am 19 .. it been a week now since we last had s_x .. but i was wondering if u could start feeling sick after 4 days and that and get some symptoms


tisha - September 30

can you get pregnant if your partner uses a condom


amy - October 3

my partner as hep c im pregnant will my baby have it



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