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shesdymed - June 14

just wondering how everyone was feeling when they mainly got a positive blood or home pregnancy test && for those who were expecting and got a negative.


shesdymed - June 14

well as for me, i wasnt plannin on gettin pregnant rhis time. i have gotten an abortion that left me drained from all the stress and memories of that day so the month after my abortion me and my boyfriend tried on having a kid and this time keeping it (for some personal reasons;we felt like ever since the baby was gone there was something missing). when i took my hpt i didnt want to believe the fact tht the test stated negative cause me and my boyfriend were trying. FINALLY we decided to let everythinb and let it go and we'll have kids when the right time comes. WELL THIS MONTH I WAS FEELIN VERY WEIRD && TOOK A TEST AND I WAS TIRED SO I FORGOT TO BOTHER CHEKIN THE TEST. WHEN I LOOKED AT IT THE NEXT MORNING AND SAW THE LIKE ACROSS IT I FLIPPPEDDDD I COULDNT BELIEVE IT IT WAS JUST CRAZYYYYY, CAUSE I WASNT EVEN PLANNING THIS. I HAD A RUSH OF MIXED EMOTIONS. I QUICKLY TOLD MY BOYFRIEND AND HES MORE EXCITED THAN EVER.


shesdymed - June 14



MelissaV - June 15

Have you tested again? The results are usually only "good" for a certain amount of time (1 hour, maybe). Sometimes if you wait a long time there will be what is known as an evaporation line.


Seredetia - June 17

Well, I just got a positive home pregnancy test today after being roughly 2 weeks late. I'm honestly in shock. My husband and I didn't try to get pregnant; it just happened. I didn't really have any symptoms that I thought of, but now that I look back I had: a weird fascination for Chinese noodles and taco salad, I'd gained a couple of pounds, I'd been really stressed out, and I didn't want to DO anything or get up. I thought I was going crazy and was thinking about going to a therapist...I still might need one. lol. I'm full of very mixed feelings. I'm very excited, but I'm also a bit scared. I suppose it's normal.


wrangler26 - June 20

Well I tested on saturday and got a positive result, however before I could show my husband the results, the blue line had almost faded away. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get a blood test done. We are both very excited and hope that I am pregnant. We just bought a new house and it would be wonderful to fill it with the sounds of a baby. If I am pregnant, I should be expecting sometime in February !!


daisyusa - June 20

Congrats to all the ladies! My hubby and I have been ttc for about 6 months, thought I was pr last month, but it was only a bit of dye bleed, arrrrgh! So, this month I was prepared with about 7 pt's, 3 diffterent manufacturers and types. Did 1 5 days early, then 2 4 days early, then 3 3 days early. Everyone of them was positive. We are so excited, this is a dream come true. We have a 12 yo and a baby turning 1 next month, so we really wanted to keep these 2 closer in age. We'll find out more about our due date early next month, but I'm estimating it around Feb 25th. Did I say how happy we are? Happy Happy Happy! Wrangler26, did you use a clearblue test? I used those too, the positive faded on all of them. Had to call rep to ask why, said that you just need to read them within the timeline. I like First Response better, but I'll take that positive any day.



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