How Do I Find Out If I M Pregnant

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PamM - April 26

I've taken 3 hpt all neg. I'm 29 and with the exception of the past 2 years I've never been reg. Starting 2 yrs ago, I started having my period every 32-36 days. Odd I know. In the past it wasn't unusual, especially in the spring for me to miss 2 months. I'm not over-stressed, my diet has actually been really good lately, I'm exercising a few times a week now, also gaining weight instead of losing, having dizzy spells, ocassional nausea (i.e. at least once a day, never same time) and oh yeah, my last period finished up on Dec 22 '05. Yikes I know. As I said, it's not unusual for me to miss a couple months, but we're talking 4 now, or 2 if my body missed 2 then I got preg. Who knows. My maternal aunt took 6 hpt & 3 blood tests before they figured out she was 5 mo preg. My husband had a vasectomy almost 10 yrs ago now. Way confused here! Is a straight blood test the way to go? Is there a better, more complex test to try since my fam hist shows difficulties getting pos readings? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.


karina - April 26

Yeah it's worth a shot to have a quant_tative HCG beta blood test, but it doesn't always show up on there either because it looks for the same protein the HPTs look for. Any b___st changes or gaining a belly? If your LMP was Dec.22, if you were preg. you could be 4 months along, you should be showing something by now. Yes it's possible that the vasectomy reversed itself, that's what myself and another girl are dealing's called Spontaneous Late Ca___lization (where the vas deferens that was cut heals up and rejoins). It's more common than the doctors would lead us to beleive. My husband had one 9 years ago and after a LOT of research I've found out that the actual numbers of it failing are as high as 10%. See my thread under...negative blood tests..botched ultrasound but feel kicks.



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