How Do I Know If Im Pregnant

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? - March 20

i had s_x without a condom in he didnt pull out its only been a week but im scared wut should i do


Kristin - April 13

You didn't mention any symptoms. If your period is late, take a test! This isn't rocket science.


sarah - April 18

wait untill you are next on your period and if you dont come on then take a pregantce test


me - April 19

hi... think im in the same problem as u are. its been a week now im im getting back aches n a funny feeling in my stomach. i dont know if all this is happening just coz im feeling scared or im in a hurry for my next period :/ is it just b___terflies in my stomach or something more serious?


Pam - April 19

I find that if you stress about the situation at hand your body will react. Your period may be late and it may make you sick..My suggestion is not to think about it until you are very certain that your period is late..However I knew that I was pregnant a few days after I concieved I started to feel very nausous...So you never know...but you need to wait until your period is late to find out if your pregnant anyways.


unknown - April 25

well i had s_x without a condom and he didnt pull out in time. the next day my period came on. its only been a couple of weeks. latley i havent been feeling to good. is there a possibility that i could be pregnant? i sometimes feel like i want to throw up sometimes, my stomache hurts all the time. please help me understand whats going on.


charlie - April 27

my girlfriemd is spotting. what does this mean?


nicole - April 27

you can take a pregnancy test two weeks after conception!


babygirl - May 6

how can i tell if im pregnant. i've been gaining a lil weight but im getting fat, and thats not common for me, because i never get fat and gain weight. my stomach would hurt lower and upper part , and i would run a fever at 100 degrees. my body would become weak and im always tired. ive had my period, and it wasnt late or nothing but i had it for like 3 day when i usualy have it for about a week.


Mesha - May 7

There is a great possibility that you're pregnant. Don't freak out though, just take a pregnancy test if you have a missed period.


Adrianna - May 8

Hi, i htink im pregnant.... ive been eating alot more and then i feel sick, ive gained 7lbs, im a week late and my stomach is hard right below my my navel. Im scared i don't know what to do right know... could i be pregnant? Im going to take a test tomorrow.


too nervous - May 24

my ex-boyfriend told me tonight that he went in raw before he used a condom,and he said that it was called 'prenut' and im scared that i might be pregnant,but im not sure as of now this happened about two months ago. How many months does it take to know if you're pregnant or not?


sarah - May 25

hi there well u shoul wait untill ur next period comes . if it dosent well take a test


Jackie - June 2

I had s_x about a week and a half ago, and we used protection, and i got my period 2 days after, but im scared that i might be pregnant, what do i do?


sarah - June 3

wait untilll your next period comes if it dosent come take a test


jill - June 20

how do you know if your pregnant


Randi - June 29

Im on Deprovera so I dont have a preiod. But ive been feeling sick especially in the mornings and eatng alot. Any other siqns I should look for or should I go ahead and take a test



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