How Do You Tell The Difference Between Faint And Evap

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kaci814 - March 13

I've taken a few dollar tree tests and all have a faint faint line. Its not too faint that you have to squint but its too faint for me. It has color in them I think. Anyone have any experience with dollar tree tests?


jannbond - March 13

I don't have experience with the dollar tree tests, but I do know that an evap. line happens if you read the results AFTER the recommended time limit. So if there was even a faint line within the time limit, then you're probably pregnant. Time for a blood test at the doctor! :)


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

Dollar tree test are what I used to get my faint + at 9dpo and BFP at 11 dpo. if the line sows up within the 10 minutes I would consider yourself preggers, what I would do though is wait 2 days and test again with first morning urine. the line should show up darker and faster if you really are pregnant. good luck


Super Mom - March 16

I have had 3 different pregnancys and each one I used the dollar tree tests and they were positive. this time around I have been testing almost everyday and I have seen each time a "line" with no color-and they are definatly evap line


Super Mom - March 16

cont...if your seeing any color to that second line----congradulations are in order!!!


sososleepy - March 16

I am going to test tomorrow am so I have a negative to compare later tests to. I love those $tree tests!


Lala - March 19

Yes, I was wondering something similar. I've seen the evap lines. The are very light and grayish or colorless. Yet, I have a doller Tree test from the other day that was negative (though I didn't look at it any after about 5 minutes). Now, I see a very light COLORED second line. I know, I know, the only thing to do is test again, and I'm sure I will. I just feel silly b/c the chances of me being pregnant right now are slim. take care all!



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