How Far Into Pregnancy Period

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amanda - September 8

hi everyone---quick question..i know it is possible to have your period while you are pregnant...what is the latest into your pregnancy that you can have a "normal" full time and normal friend has taken many tests all negative, and has had a normal period for like 5or 6 months...her stomach just keeps getting bigger..she said shes exercising, so she just wanted to make sure its not likely shed b e pregnant...thank you


amanda - September 8

anyone know?


STEPHANIE - September 8

Hi Amanda, It has been know for some women to have a regular period through their entire pregnancy. I don't really understand why but it does happen. Does she have any pregnancy symptoms or just the growing belly?


milissa - September 8

I would have her go to the doctor and get an ultersound. thats what I did. have the same thing happing to me and have prego symptoms. test results not in yet? it also could be a cyst ex.. thats why I went to the doctors. Good luck


amanda - September 8

hi girls,thanks for friend, jess, is really getting nervous..she doesnt really have any pregnancy symptoms, just the growing belly, so im sure it can be other things obviously..shes just nervous....the blood test awhile ago was <2..but for some reason shes still worried..thanks


Jen - September 8

I had a friend who had her's for 5 months before she even knew she was pregnant. Take a blood test


Ashton - September 8

I have taken % test and they keep coming up all pink both sides. I have been having moring sickness for over 2 weeks, my question is how far along do i have to be for it to come up postive. What does it mean to come up all pink??????


amanda - September 8

i didnt know this, b ut she said she has gotten a blood test which came up <2..does this mean she is safe


amanda - September 8

again, sorry about all the questions..she doesnt know who else to ask..and i didnt wanna give her an answer without checking



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