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CareBear - January 25

Okay, I'm currently in a pregnancy scare with my boyfriend and we're both really nervous, we're not ready for a child yet. I'm still waiting for my period because it's not actually late yet, it's suppose to come within the next few days. The reason we're nervous is because while we were making love I started to bleed [it happened twice] not like a period or anything, but I'd awake the next morning with blood on my inner thighs, but would not still be bleeding. This has never happened before, so we just took it as maybe we were too rough or something, though I experienced no pain during intercourse. Other than that I've been having va___al discharges - like the kind I'm used to getting before my period - But a lot heavier and more frequent. Like I'd get the clear-ish, odorless discharge twice or something the week that my period would come - But I've been getting this discharge every day since just a few days after I might have conceived. My br___ts have been a little sore, I've been very fatigued, and have been suffereing from minor abdominal cramps... I know I'm probably just paranoid, or at least I'm hoping I am but my question for you is how long should I wait after the day I'm supposed to get my period [if I don't get it] to take a pregnancy test? I don't want to have many worries about false negatives, but I know after I miss my period I'll be dying to know if I'm pregnant or not... So how long do you think I should wait to take a home pregnancy test? I was thinking a week or so after the missed period, but I'm not sure. And if the HPT comes back negative and I'm still not recieveing my period then how long should I wait after the HPT to get a blood test done? Thanks for all your input!


jalene - January 26

actually it sounds like your were ovulating(the dishcharge and abdominal pain). but try not to stress out, take a hpt after the first day of missed period, if its neg. then go get a blood test about 3 or 4 days later. hope i helped. (ive got 2 kids of my own). this is what i did.



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