How Many Days After No AF Did U Get Your BFP

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summerset - February 26

I was wondering how many days late other women were before they got a positive test. AF was supposed to be here last night or this morning early. Took a First Responce this morning and -. Wondering when i should test again if she still doesnt show up.


Belief - February 26

Summerset - It all depends on how strong the HCG is in your urine. With my first, I tested one day before AF and got a strong bright pink positive. My friend tested numerous times w/ the same brand (FR) and never detected it. She ended up going to the doc and getting blood work to confirm her pregnancy.


Christina m - February 27

I think you should test again. If you ovulated later than you thought you may have tested to early. I would wait 3 more days or when your period is 1 week late. I tested the day AF was due and got - too. in 2 days I will be 1 week late and will test again. still no sign of AF.


sososleepy - March 3

Hi summerset. That's why I chart. I can't stand not knowing, and the temps give me a pretty clear clue. They stay up: pg, they go down: here comes af like clockwork.


proudmommy - March 4

all women are different. some don't get it until they're like 2 weeks late. I got mine 3 days before AF was supposed to show


melissap - March 4

I got mine on cd 32 20dpo on a frer and 2 inverness store brand notta thing on canadian dollar store. Really late last pregnancy I knew like 7dpo. Never know


danipjames - March 5

Can someone please tell me what AF is and what BFP is.... I have no clue what htey mean... Danielle


proudmommy - March 5

AF means aunt flow and BFP means big fat positive!!


AGirl_101979 - March 5

I'm 9 days late today and have had all negative tests. However, on Saturday I took one, and I think I saw the very tip of the 2nd line (positive), so I took another one the same day, and it was negative. Has anyone experienced this before?


Goodmom - March 5

Can someone tell me how to see others' BBT chart? It's my 1st time here.


DownbutnotOUT - March 5

It took me 14 1/2 weeks to finally get a + and I had several tests during that time all at the dr's.


mummyofone - March 7

Hello ladies! I am here on 14DPO and tested BFN yesterday on 13DPO i didn't dare to test today again :( . sososleepy I have a question...I am charting my temp too and it is still up and I had a huge dip at 5dpo but so what I mean it is still up on 14DPO and no AF...but tested neg...I wish I could give my link of my chart....Is there a chance that I might be pregnant????I dont have my usual AF symptoms...nothing at all...apart from skin break out..arrgghhh


mummyofone - March 7

Goodmom the link is worl wide web dot fertilityfriend dot can find hundreds of pregnancy and non pregnancy charts :) sorry I am not allowed to post web links so I had to write like that


AGirl_101979 - March 7

Good news! I took another test yesterday morning, and there was definitely a second line which means BFP!!! I'm going to the doc on Friday morning...Wish me luck!


mummyofone - March 7

Agirl101979 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! PLEASE please tell us when did you first test?????What day past ovulation????Did you have any symptoms??


DownbutnotOUT - March 7

Agirl congrads and good luck


AGirl_101979 - March 7

Thanks! I first tested the day of my expected period (13 DPO) - I finally got a BFP at 23 DPO...the line wasn't super dark, but it's definitely positive. The only symptoms I had were faint cramps similar to menstrual cramps. I did not have any spotting at all. My nipples also started getting a little sore but nothing very noticable. Last night my b___bs were killing me...that's the first time I've had that symptom so far. I'm still having mild cramps, and just this week have become V ERY VERY sleepy.



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