How Reliable Is Equate

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Jan - September 29

Hi. My hubby and I were pretty active during my ovulating time and I was supposed to get my AF Tuesday, but I didnt. What I did get was some weird brown mucousy stuff yesterday only when I wiped. I took an equate +/- test and it said -. The problem is I was nauseous and extremely tired as well so it made me quite confused. My hubby and I aren't even trying, so I am not someone who is just trying to find ways to be pregnant. Anyway, some of our incidents happened just recently and seemed too early to know if I would be pregnant or not, but it said implantation bleeding usually happens around the time you would have your period. Does that mean I tested too early or what else could be causing someone who has regular periods to be having something like this??? Please help with any advice!!! Thank you!!


kim - September 30

I dont like equate at all.Both times i bought that test brand i got no answer at all on them and i did everything right


Krob - September 30

equate needs oen the highest levels of HCG to register one as pregnant I think it 100 something or other I forget what the level it measures is called. There are tests avaliable that show if you are pregnancy with a HCG level of 25 these are way more sensitive. If you wanted one of these test just do a google search on pregnancy test sentivity and you will find one of the better ones


Julie - September 30 in the Wal-mart brand? That is SUPER sensitive...not 100 miu's like stated. The company quoted level is 25, but they have reports of it being sensitive for less than 5. I got faint positives, took some more the next couple of days...kept getting positives so I got a blood test at the doctor. My level was only 14 when I saw the doc several days later. So, it's actually very sensitive. Every test is different, but their official results are at 25. Go to this website... and go to the hpt's section. They have just about everyone listed there, with all the info on them. Good Luck.


Crissi - October 2

Julie, you just made my heart jump... I had two bright pink positives on Equate AFTER they sat awhile but no others showed positive.


Ana - October 2

Crissi, how long did you wait until you got your bright pink positives? Longer than 10 minutes? Mine didn't turn faint pink until 12-20 HOURS later. Not sure if I'm pregnant or not yet.


Crissi - October 2

Mine sat less than 3 hours each, can't remember exact. Both got progressively darker after though, not just faint. They are still (4 days later) VERY pink... more so than the neg line even. I had some pinkish discharge today so am really thinking I am... I NEVER do that until AF time and it is still a week plus til that is due. Good luck!


Julie - October 2

Good Luck Crissi & Ana!


Michelle - October 4

Julie, did you end up being pregnant? Email me: [email protected]


Julie - October 5

Yes, I'm 6 wks 3 days pregnant right now.


Crissi - October 6

Well any opinions on Equate picking up a LH surge during ovulation? SInce I had all these negatives after the two Equate positives I am still wondering.... have had a few negatives with Equate and other brands but a very faint positive on Equate tonight... I am still 4-5 days til AF is due so would be pretty darned early. I also had a CVS go positive the other night but so faint I didn't trust it. So Julie, you are.... give me a day or two and I should know more conclusively.


Aimee - October 7

I would say yeah it could most definately be too soon....that happend with me during my last pregnancy. Plus with the equate test the positive result is hard to see since it creates a plus sign, the negetive is always way darker unless you are farther along.


crissi - October 7

although DH is ready to put me in a 12 step program he dubs PTA (pregnancy tests anonymous) :) I bought more today. Equate... again VERY faint positive across the neg line. Same urine sample the 1st Response looks neg. Anyone think the 1st Response is as good as they claim?


Julie - October 7

I don't think it's as sensitive as equate. I've been a addict to hpt's also...went through several every day....big $$$. Anyways, I always tested the same sample on several tests, and the FR was NEVER as sensitive. I'd get positives eventually, but not until days after the others.


Crissi - October 8

Thx Julie! DH may be relieved to hear I am not the only one!! :) I need to start suppositories and I need to be very aware of my exposures as a nurse if I am pregnant... I need to know! Still a big fat ??? mark though. The FR this am in first morning urine looks neg again. Did not want to use my last Equate yet. I went on Ebay and bought 20 tests!! :) Yep, I am a bona fide mess!


Ana - October 8

Julie, You said You'd get positives eventually...but days after the others. You mean that you'd let them sit for days until they turned positive...or...the other tests would show up positive sooner...and you'd have to test again and again until fr finally gave you a positive within the 10 minute window of time?


Julie - October 8

They didn't turn positive within the 10 minute time frame. The equates gave me bfp's days sooner than the first response tests. They did give me bfp's early according to my expected like 10 & 11 dpo...3-4 days before my missed period. But the equates were giving me bfp's at 8 dpo.



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