How Sensitive Is The Doctors Urine Test

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crimson4154 - January 20

Hi all, I'm reading a lot of pregnancy test confusions here, and mine is no different. I am 33 days out from my last period (and have a cycle of 28-30 days) and did a home test yesterday (First Response) and got a faint line. I rushed off to the doctor to get it confirmed, meaning they made me do another urine test. It came out NEGATIVE. I was bummed, but suspicious, so I did another hometest yesterday afternoon, and it came out POSITIVE again. So I did another one this morning, and again POSITIVE. Now... My question is if anyone knows how sensitive the home tests are compared to the doctors urine test. I read somewhere that First Response detects 12.5 mIU of hCG, and when I asked the doctors lab what they used, they didn't know! (great!) Any thoughts on my situation I can add that I have a slight "burning" feeling in my uterus, something I had with my first baby. But then there were no test confusion either!! :-(


baby020607 - January 20

I am sure every doctor's office uses a different variety. I had mixed HPT results at home and a BFN urine test at the doctor's office. The best thing to do is request a blood test. That way you will know for sure! My blood test was a BFP, so the urine tests at the doctor's might not be the most sensitive. Good luck!


crimson4154 - January 20

I'm sorry for the ignorance but do you mind explaining the difference between the two? Mixed HPT and BFN. I certainly will re-test at the doctors office on Monday. My mind "knows" I'm pregnant but I really want to know on paper too!


moescrilla - January 20

she means that her home pregnancy tests had mixed results (some postive, some negative) and the doctors urine test was negative (bfn means big fat negative)


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

I have only heard of one HPT picking up HCG levels of 10 and im sure the name wasent first response. I do know the dollar tree tests pick up low HCG and I think the drs test pick up 50 HCG, not too sensitive. i would definatly test again witht he dr on monday.


COL - January 21

Hi, when i got pregnant in septembet 2006, i had positive HPT at home , i tested using 8 of them and all came back +, when i went to hte doctor, it was nigative. so, he sent me to a blood test that confirmed my pregnancy at that time. so, the doctors tests are not reliable if you are earlly in your pregnancy . good luck


Megane - January 21

I agree, a blood test would be the best thing. A urine test is just a urine test even if done by a dr. office. But if you add a few more days before going back in to test then you should get your bfp with the dr. test b/c as more time goes by the higher hcg in your system.


crimson4154 - January 22

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone, and give you a quick update. I went to the doctor today and YES, it sure was positive! So I guess it's true, the First Response test was much more sensitive than the doctors! Thanks again for your replies!


Harriet - February 9

Congratulations crimson!



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