HP Tests They All Can T Be Wrong Surely

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Lanes79 - November 17

Hi there, My last period was 14th Sept. The next one was due 14th Oct. It never came. I got married on the 24th Oct, so everyone elses opinion is that it was the stress of the wedding. Took the strips, Clearblues, in all about 15 strips and 5 over the counter tests, ALL negative. Went on honeymoon, still nothing. Was due my next period, last tuesday. Nothing. Went to the doctor this morning, and have to drop him back down a sample. But I've done even more strips (HCG 10 +) so these surely should find some HCG plus after the doctors, I went to the chemist and bought the new ones that can even tell you how far you're gone. Negative. The doctor basically said that if I'm not pregnant, all I can do is wait till my period does come!! I have two children, and for both, I did the strips a week and a half after conception and both nearly light up!! So I know what to expect! and I've never ever missed a period before (well twice :) ! and have 2 beautiful kids). But never missed one and not been pregnant. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Are there any other reasons why I might be late? - 2 whole periods late? I understand stress is one thing, but in all fairness I don't think I was stressed at all about the wedding, and have done nothing but relax and chill since! And eat!! I certainly feel pregnant. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was "starving" in the first trimester, and craving everything!! My br___ts are sore. My stomach feels harder, all usual pregnancy symptoms I think...but missing the positive pregnancy test!!! Do you think I should ask for a blood test? Or just wait (and go outta my mind!! LOL) Or any other ideas!?? Any responses will be really appreciated!!


Seredetia - November 21

Honestly it just sounds like you're not pregnant. I've learned that the more you think about it, the more you will feel pregnant. I've had SOooo many scares over the years, and the two times that I'd been late and not noticed, I was pregnant. LOL. I'm sure everything will be fine. You could always go to your doctor to help bring your period on, or find out if it's something else. Enjoy your husband and take it in stride! You'll be fine!


bellyempty - November 26

while tests are usually quite accurate, there is a possibility your intuition is telling you the truth- ive had two pregnancies that have not worked out, but with both i was at least 8 weeks along before i got a positive result on hpt or blood serum test. i am going through another waiting game like you, with a barrage of neg. tests but FEELING pregnant with strong symptoms and a missed period. YES get a blood test! and good luck to you! im not ttc but would be delighted if my blood test came back positive- ill know next week.


lanes79 - November 27

Hi, thanks for the responses. I've been to the doc. He's going to take bloods! So then I'll be waiting for either tests results, or period to come on!



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