HPT Negative When Should I Test Again

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Angie - March 19

The first day of my last period was February 20, 2006. My period is irregular, I usually get my period between 22 and 30 days after my last period. I took a home pregnancy test today March 19, 2006 and it was clearly negative, did I do the test too soon? I do not have any pregnancy symptoms except for my br___t are slightly sore. How soon should i take my next pregnancy test? Are any home pregnancy tests better than others?


candicejohnson - March 20

see thats kinda the same thing with me i was on my period on the 20th i know forsure and i took a test on the 15th of march and found out i was pregnant my periods are always irregular i took a test 2 or 3 weeks before the 15th and it said negative so maybe you should take another one soon i took the equate one from walmart and then i went to the dollar store everyone says there test work really good i know it sounds cheap and all but it came back positive too or you could always go to you doctor and get a blood test done its up to you!! good luck


Angie - March 21

Thank you candicejohnson


chy1723 - March 23

I had my last period feb 23 and took a test on march 22 and still neg. I have the same ques. as you good luck


Gretchen - March 24

Not sure if this has any relevence or if anyone can help?? I delivered a baby January 19, 2006 who died of Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. I got my period February 20th almost one month to the day. My doctor told me my body was back on track. It is now March 24th and I still have not gotton period. I took two pregnancy tests both negative. I have no pregnancy or period symptoms but just little crazy. I cannot seem to find any one with the problem of having a baby and then irregular period. Can anyone help?


Elizabeth - March 30

Gretchen, sorry for your loss. I have had 3 m/c and several chem. pg...My period returned within a cycle and continued then some would return within a cycle and then stall for 2 cycles then return strongly. My RE has said this is regular depending upon your stress level, recovery period etc. I used green tea, evening primrose oil, red raspberry tea, and baby aspirin to reregulate my cycle. So far so good. Good luck.


dani - April 1

you should wait about 2-3 days(that is what my fertility md told me,) because the horomone only doubles every 2-3 days. my last period was 3/3/06 and this am i was nauseated off and on but hpt was negative. last time i was pregnant i tested positive 6 days before my period was due and that was with ovulation on day 11 of my cycle.


lil_cutie - April 2

i had my last period on the 24th feb to the 28th feb and my periods are iregular and i took at test on the 28th of march and it was negative and i still aint got my period so i'm going to wait till the middlie of next week to do another 1



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