Husband Not As Excited

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Shawna - October 4

We have a 5 year old son who was born when we were both in university. He was a surprise. My husband had to work full time and go to school full time. We decided in April that we would try for # 2, but not until the end of August/September so if I conceived the baby would be born in June. However, when the time came, my husband lost all enthusiasm but went along with it. I had my last period from August 22 to 28 and we started trying almost everyday since then. I did a hpt on Sept 23, I day after missed period and it was negative. When I told my husband, he said he was sure I was pregnant because I got pregnant very easily with our son. However, we are still trying even though I have not had a period since Aug 22. I want to take another preg test, but he doesn't want me to. I am going to the dr on Oct 12 to get some tests done. I thought he would be as excited as I am about having another child, and I find it very hard to talk to him about a possible pregnancy. Thank God for this message board! I look forward to hearing from others and getting some support!


DJ - October 6

It is very hard on us when our husband is not being supportive. I can actually understand my dh not being supportive b/c we were not ttc and since I have had negative tests he feels I should let it go. I guess men just accept the tangible and when the test comes back neg, they can't believe it is not right. Good luck and once you go to the doctor ask for a test that will show how much of the hormone is in your blood, not just whether you are pregnant or not.


Shawna - October 6

Thank you for the reply. I know my husband wants another child because we obviously spoke about it before we ttc. But when I ask him questions about it like have you thought of any names or something similar, he doesn't really respond. Perhaps I am getting overly excited since I don't even know for sure yet. I will leave him alone about it and respond once I know for sure. Thank again DJ


df - October 6

Just get him to TTC in your ovulation period..milk him for his sperm!



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