I Continue To Bleed Monthly And Fail Pregnancy Tests Yet I Look And Feel Pregnant How Is This Possible

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Nicole [email protected] - September 27

Hi, my question is, I appear to be pregnant, I would be about 17 weeks minimum (my fiance and I broke up in July), but I keep having my monthly bleeding (minus the usual cramps and plus extra exhaustion) around the right time, and I have failed five home pregnancy tests, one was just a few days ago. But I have had most of the other symptoms at the developmentally appropriate times, and now my belly sticks out and is increasingly uncomfortable around my ribs under my br___ts. I even felt something slide against the inside front of my lower abdomen the other day. If this is just weight gain, then why would it feel physically awkward in front and thow off my center of gravity, not to mention being accompanied by a host of other pregnancy signs or symptoms. A while back there was a rumour among family that I was pregnant based on how I looked to people and where and how I was carrying new weight. My ex's Gram told him she could just tell, until he surprised her by saying I still have my period! I heard of a lady who had two full -term babies and could never produce HCG, and I have heard of rare ovulation during pregancy, and I have heard personally from six different girls who bled like a normally heavy period at about the right time each month for anywhere from the first three months to full term. Most went for at least four months with this. My abdomen continues to grow right out of pants that used to fall down all day long- and the funny thing is, they still fit pretty well everywhere else until I try to button them in front! I don't want an ultrasond because I believe they are risky. Pregnancy is not an illness and I don't feel I need to go to the doctor for proof. Especially if I failed five urine test, why would I pass a blood test? I mail-ordered an inexpensive Mabis dual-end stethoscope that should arrive soon and in a week or two, or maybe even already, it should be far enough to seek a fetal heartbeat using the steth. But what I want to know is, how is this possible? The only thing I can think is, maybe I am like that girl who's mum could never produce any HCG, and maybe since I take wild yam supplement it allowed the pregnancy to progress in spite of that. And if I (or my apparent pregnancy) can't produce HCG, maybe that's why I keep bleeding "on time". My other hormones certainly seem to be working plenty, that's for sure! I have searched the internet long and hard and can't find a real explanation for all of this. Considering how many women have period-like bleeding through months of pregnancy, you would think doctors would stop pretending it doesn't happen. But the point is, how can I be showing! and feeling pregnant yet continue bleeding and getting negative tests? My next "period" is due early in October so maybe it will finally stop arriving. But that still leaves the negative pregnancy tests. If that stethoscope finds a heartbeat, it will finally prove I know more about my own body than my ex-fiance who wants to believe that I am "just gotten fat".


anna - September 27

Ultrasound is no risk. Go to have one and everything would be clear. What if there is no pregnancy but other problem? That is something really risky.


milissa - September 27

I totaly agree with anna! i dont know where you heard that an ultersound is a risk, but thats the best way to find out the truth! Your putting yourself through stress. keep us posted I'm going through the same thing and I have one child already so I know the symptoms. I hvae an ultersound on the 19 of october. Please feel freee to e-mail me! [email protected]


Nicole - September 28

Doctors will usually tell you that ultrasound is no risk. But the truth is that's an a__sumption. When tests have been done on it they have found that it is a risk. A lot of times they will try to tell you, no risk has been found, but even that's not true anymore. Most doctors are too busy to keep up with all the new information, and sometimes they find it easiest to spout the party line. In fact a lot of doctors are just pretty conservative about change, and about natural pregnancy and childbirth, and they get it in their head that they won't change their mind on certain things. http://www.mercola.com/2001/dec/19/ultrasound.htm Anyway, I don't believe in any interventions that aren't necessary, that's why I just want to wait and see. If I still can't hear any heartbeat with a stethoscope a month from now yet my abdomen continues to pop out, then I might go to a doctor. But for now, what would really stress me is having some guy (or lady) put hands and instruments up my hooha to examine me, and scan me with machines, and take charge of my pregnancy. Really I just want to know, how can a person be pregnant, yet bleed monthly and fail tests, yet continue to progress. I know this is possible and I am hoping anybody could explain why it is possible. Maybe it is some kind of miracle, though, but I think there must be some scientific explanation even if it hasn't been found yet.


MB - September 28

Not to make this harder on you, as you obviously have had alot going on, BUT... you really need to visit the OB. They'll only get involved in as much as you want them to be... AND you could be doing more harm than good by not going. Good luck.. Keep us posted.


milissa - September 28



Nicole - September 28

But my point is, there are those women right here on this forum who are pregnant for sure because they DID get an ultrasound, yet they are still bleeding nor can they pa__s an HCG pregnancy test. And I just want to know why this is possible. So, I understand that you don't know, but not wanting an ultrasound is my personal choice and if you don't know the answer to my question then, no, you can't help me, but maybe there is someone who can. I don't know why you should be upset at the way I am acting, I am just writing about my concerns on an internet forum and I don't even know you, okay? And anyway unless you are the father of someone's baby you don't really have the right to be upset at them if they don't want an ultrasound. I can wait and see if I want to and still ask the question, how is it possible in those cases where those other women have proof they are pregnant!!


Nicole - September 28

By the way, WHAT doesn't make sense? Is it the thing I said about ultrasound, or what I said about women who are pregnant but keep having bleeding and negative test results? Because, you can believe what you want to about ultrasound, but as far as the other thing, it has to make sense because it;s true. Some pregnant women really can't pa__s a pregnancy test for some reason, and thre same women often seem to bleed a lot while they are pregnant. I have talked to some, heard of others, and there are even a few of them right here on this forum. So, sorry, but THAT makes sense.


Nicole - September 28

Another thing- of course I am afraid of the result. If you felt and looked pregnant yet were bleeding and failing pregnancy test, no doubt you would be afraid to face the doctors too. In case I turn out not to be pregnant, I would really want to go in there armed with a scientific explanation for how I could possibly be pregnant, based on the explanation for how those other women WERE pregnant. Otherwise if a pelvic exam (still no ultraaound for me!) proves negative, I would look like I came in there on a whim instead of on four months of strange observations!


milissa - September 28

In the end I have been taking my prenatel vitamens and not drinking, I also have been keeping a journel about all of my symptoms from the begining. Please dont think I 'm a bad person because of my straight forward att_tude. In the end peaple thank me for being me, even if the truth hurts! all I 'm saying is I think you are being childish about going to the doctors. You would kick your self in the a__s if something serious was wrong and this whole time you could have caught it"! good luck and god bless..


Lisa - September 30

wow! I am a 36 year old .I have a 4 year old granddaughter.About 15 years ago I had a tubal ligation after my fifth baby.I was very young.But I have feeling very pregnant with alot of movement.My stomach is getting huge.I have my periods regularly.I remember a few months ago feeling a little fluttering in my stomach.I blew it of as nothing.I am getting huge and by b___st hurt continiously instead of just before my periods.I'm too embarra__sed to go to the doctor.What if I'm just fat lol.My 17 year old daughter was murdered almost 3 years ago.Maybe grief has caused my body to think it's pregnant.Anyway it's nice to know that I'm not the only one feeling very pregnant.I haven't took a home test yet because I have just blew it off as rediculous because I've had my periods and had tubes tied 15 years ago.But this is getting to the point where I'm about to pop.What ever it is won't hold still.Has anyone else had this before.Could I be pregnant?


Dee - November 14

I've finally found someone who's going through the same things I am.....I would suspect that I would be about 12-14 weeks pregnant (if that was even possible). The lower part of my belly above my pubic symphysis feels kinda hard. I've had 4 different people looke at me real hard and say "are you pregnant" "you look pregnant". I have had negative urine and 1 negative blood test. I have had two irregularly short "periods" (just 2 days, normally they'd be 5-6 days). All the symptoms, too. Any updates from these ladies, or anyone going through the same things???


Dee - November 14

This is what I read not too long ago.... Anybody heard about this or went through this......??? "What could explain these rare cases of periods during pregnancy? There are two possible explanations: Hormone levels aren't high enough. In some women, the hormone levels in pregnancy aren't high enough to prevent the lining of the womb being lost in those areas where the placenta isn't attached. So sometimes a woman will have one episode of bleeding or more in the first month or two of pregnancy (and, rarely, throughout the pregnancy). "


Michelle - November 14

Hey Nicole. Well congrats, it sounds like your pregnant. I know you dont wanna go to the doctor but you really need to!! You need your pregnancy vitamins!! If you want your baby to be healthy i would highly suggest you get them, and anyways, you still should get a ultra sound. They are totally safew for the baby and 100% accurate. Going for monthly check-ups is very important for your babys health and yours. Becides, it woud also be good to know if you really are!!! It sounds like you are, but you never know!


Sharonda - November 15

My grandmother was pregnant twice with "periods" throughout. My aunts are here. She was obviously pregant. Good Luck


Nicole - November 15

Hi, I still don't know yet, I have gotten bigger in the abdomen and now need maternity clothes but it's still not certain. I did keep bleeding on time, but less and less every time. Maybe this next one will finally stop. If I ever do find out I will try and come back to this board at least because the people here have been pretty nice overall and also there seem to be others going through this who might need to know my outcome so they can consider if it applies to them. One girl I talked to, she did turn out not to be pregnant, and she did look pregnant, so nothing is definite yet. But I do feel like there is a small volleyball in my belly! It is true, in a way you're too embara__sed to go to the doc with this. What if I did just get a lot fatter and it just seems like I am pregnant. I did get a negative blood test, so what doctor would take me seriously now, since they rely so much on that kind of stuff. I didn't need to go to a doc to get prenatal vitamins, I got them otc at Whole Foods. But the idea that prenatal care can only come from a doc is a myth, a well-researched pregnant women is capable of taking good care of herself after all women have done this for many thousands of years before doctors or even midwives ever came along. And today there is lots of information readily available; and any test they do at the doctor, when you look at it, whatever they do find out there is not actually anything they can do about it unless you are willing to agree to a cesarean for unusual presentations, which I am not, or unless a person would decide to abort a fetus that has this or that wrong with it, which is not an option I would be interested in. Also, please be aware that ultrasound is not perfectly safe, research has found that the sound waves can affect the fetus, around 1 or 2% of those fetuses given ultrasound just twice in pregnancy have measureable, although very subtle, brain damage. It's not certain how much more has been caused that the researchers could not measure.


nicole - November 15

By the way, someone did post an answer, thank you to them, they said that hormones could be low causing the woman to continue to bleed from places where the placenta is not attached. However long this continued, it would seem to be a reasonable explanation for how a person could also test negative and then end up being pregnant after all. Because you would think that the hormones wouldn't be high enough to test positive until they were also high enough to make the bleeding stop. So, that would be the answer to my question- although, I would like to know how doctors explain how it's possible for hormones to be that low and yet the pregnancy is still viable, because as several posters have indicated, it seems more common than people might think that some women bleed every month and yet the children make it, are born anyway, and are grown up today. Yet most doctors would insist that low hormone equals non-viable, nevermind the living proof to the contrary!



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