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PrincessGwyneth - April 9

I'm on BC but this month missed a pill, two days later was ovulation, and next day got snuggly with the fiance. 9 days later I had some brown spotting and cramping, next morning could barely move and I've been pretty wiped out since then. I also have been exhibiting many early signs. I'm now two days late, however, I'm broke, fiance's close to broke, and parents are broke. I was wondering, what would be the most accurate and easy-to-use test that I could get for the least amount of money? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Lala - April 9

Doller Tree tests are great.


PrincessGwyneth - April 9

Hadn't even thought of that. I'll check them out. Thanks.


Emma2 - April 10

You do not Ovulate when youre on BC so I dont know why you say 2 days later Ovulation. Missing one pill is not a big deal and unlikely to get your pregnant.


momma - April 11

I would take a dollar tree test then if that is pos, get a ept after payday and test with that otherwise is ther a planned paranthood near you?


sarahbaby11 - April 12

i would argue with what emma2 wrote....i was on my bc and missed one pill. i did ovualte and became pregnant. i didn't realize it for almost two weeks after my period was supposed to start. i had taken an at home test and it had said negative. however i felt sick and had sore b___sts so i went to the doctor and they did a blood test and that confirmed i was pregnant. i asked my obgyn at my first appointment and he said that this is not unheard of. if your bc dosage or hormones is too low you may still ovulate however it may prevent it from implanting any other onth. that one pill you missed can lower the hormone level enough to allow the egg to implant. my advice is take and at home test in a few more days most are the most accurate after a week of missing you period. then see a doctor if you still feel sick and think you may be pregnant. a simple blood test can tell you for sure. planned parenthood offers it at a very low cost sometimes free depending on your income. hope this helps.


snugglybugglys - April 12

I agree with sarahbaby11..I also missed just one pill...and later found out I got pregnant...after only missing ONE pill...and was prego with twins! So YES it IS possible to get prego after only missing ONE pill!


PrincessGwyneth - April 12

Thanks for everyone's help, I did finally get my period on the day I'm supposed to start my pills back up. I'm slightly confused, but apparently not pregnant. Thanks again.



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