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ams - October 23

Why is it so freaking hard to conceive, I have been trying for like a year, now I am 9 days late but i dont have much hope, comments please, they encourage me


Allie - October 24

A good friend of mine was in the same position as you. Tried for 3 years, had every test done, no one could find a reason for their trouble conceiving. Then one day they decided to stop trying so hard and not think about it, and what do you know, she got pregnant that next month. Sometimes it's all about timing. It will happen, just have faith, relax, and don't EVER, ever give up hope. Stressing out won't help. Have fun, enjoy the process (as much as you can) and know that you are not alone, and that hopefully, sometime soon, you will get that BFP you've been waiting for. :)


AMS - October 24

Thank you Allie, I appreciate your words, its just the waiting part that is so hard ya know, I just see so many young teens and mothers that dont even seem to want to get pg and do, and its like well why is it so hard for me


Denielle - October 24

I hope that you are able to concieve soon. I can't imagine what you're going through. When I got pregnant with my son, I didn't want to be pregnant. I wasn't trying, but it happened. Now... I might be pregnant again. I'm hoping that I am. We weren't trying though, however, after talking about the possibility of me being pregnant, we've decided that we want a child. I've always known I've wanted more children, as does he. We have 3 kids collectively. He has 2 girls from a previous marriage, and I have a son from a previous relationship. This would be our first child together. Anyways... don't give up... like AMS said... just stop trying so hard, that's when it'll happen, when you least expect it. I know that's gotta be hard to do... but hopefully, you will concieve VERY soon (maybe you are as we speak) Good luck to you!



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