I Dont Know If I Am Pregnant

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buntie04 - November 13

Hi, I dont know if anyone can help me. My last period was on the 7th of October. About two weeks ago my stomach just blew up. I started to have really weird feelings in it. I have being running to the toilet all the time to wee. I took one of those strip tests last Tuesday and I didnt understand the result so I went to the supermarket and took a test there that came out negative. But I still havent got a period and I still look like I am 4 months pregnant! my stomach is really hard and bloated. i just honestly do not know what to think. Should I do another test? I would be greatfull of any advice. Thanks.


KaylaJay - November 13

Im kinda in the same boat. I was due for my period on the 7th too. and im late. I took a test today and it came back negative. If you are pregnant I doubt youd be showing physical signs in your stomach already but who knows. Having to go to the bathroom frequently is a sign of pregnancy tho. But if you still dont get your period after a few more days id definitely retest. Ive heard it can take a week or more after your missed period for you to get an accurate test. In some women The pregnancy hormone takes a little longer to show up. im getting pretty antsy myself not knowing whats going on so I feel ya.


lillybug - November 20

Negative results are very normal, and many women don't get a positive until 5-6 weeks and many times later than that. You shouldn't look 4 months PG because if you were PG you'd be 6 weeks pg right now and PG woman don't really show until 2 1/2 - 5 months pg depending your body. you are having symptoms I'd wait a week and take another test, if anything make an appointment and have your doc take a blood test for you. Good luck


stillmourning - November 20

Go to the doctor. have them do blood tests. if it's still negative, and you truly believe you are pregnant, demand an ultrasound.



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