I Dont Know If Ia M Pregnant

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devilchick - February 15

i have taken 3 tests and all say that ia m not pregnant and yet i havent had my period since december could the test be wrong??


meredith - February 15

it could be....but you should call your doctor and get things checked out anyway


Christina - February 16

many things can delay your period, stress, change in diet, weight loss/gain, etc. some dr.s say its normal to miss a period once in awhile but since you are coming up on two i'd make an appt. i go to the ob/gyn this afternoon to find out where my period went. 78 days and counting. :/ G/L!!


Ceci - April 1

Girl i think ur pregnant. have u gone to the hospitial and took their test? i think u should do dat cus i think the test is wrrong


Heather - April 2

I have had my period but i am picking up wieght and been sick no energy but i need to know if I am pregnant please help


Heather - April 2

i have had my period but i've benn trying to get pregnent an i have been sick an things an I am not sure if I am pregant or I really need help with this because me an my boyfriend soon to be married this month want a baby but i'm not sure if I am pregnant or not please help us Heather


Nika - April 7

my period is late for April but i think i know the night i could have got pregnant and that was februray 2,2005 we didn't use no condom.....and my period came on the next day.But for March it came on late this time it was the 4th and it wasn't heavy it was just like spots and now it is April the 7 th no period........what can i do


alisha - April 7

yes the tests can be wrong my last period which was induced with provera was jan/16/05 and i have not had a period since but i have pcos so i am very irregular, i pregnancy signs and i really thought i was pregnant but all the hpt's even the most sensitive ones all were negative, i went to the doc for provera to start my period and get back on birth control pills they took a urine test just to make dure i was not pregnant before they gave the provera and bcp's and the test was postive, the doc then did a pelvic exam and said i was about 2 months maybe on my third month already, i have u/s next thursday, the funny thing is about a week ago i did a hpt and it was still negative, so listen to your body


shelly - April 14

i was on my period last month for 15days ihave headaches and been throwing up for 8 days now could i be pregant


ray-ray - April 19

my boyfriend and i were fooling around and we had s_x, but neither of us climaxed, we didn't let it get that far. Could i still be pregnant?


Charlotte - April 20

I'm 16 and i think i'm pregnant. My fiance is tryin to convince me i'm not but i am slightly freaked out. What r the symptoms? and stomach pains, headaches and nausea some of them?


sherneria - April 21

what are some signs of pregnancy? b/c my chest is enlarging, my face is swelling & now i have a very black line on the bottom of my stomach, but i can only see it when i look in the mirror


lisa - June 19

i am feeling sick and i feel like throwing up whenever i eat. I used a condom last time i had s_x and took a test a week later. can i still be pregnant



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