I Dont Know If Im Pregnant

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cup E cake - September 13

i havent had my period for a month now.i really dont have any symptoms. i get little pains in my stomach but it doesnt really hurt.i get leg cramps while i sleep at night and my stomach feels bloated all the time. i took 2 home pregnancy tests and it came out negative.can somebody help me please and give advice and when do you think i should go see the doctor?


D - April 30



in the same boat - May 1

my my wife's period is over two weeks past it's normal cycle. she has the tener b___sts, upset stomach, heartburn, and many other symptoms that point to pregnancy...however after two home pregnancy tests and one clinical (urine) test, they all came up negative. the stress of not knowing is taxing. hopefully, someone can help us out.


charlamaine - May 2

blood test it will rule out any uncertainty.


katrina - May 3

i took 4 home test when i fell pregnant and they all came up negitive go c the docter


kayla may.11/2003 - May 11

ok i never had s_x but i dont know if the guy i was with blew his loaed over me and i think i might be pregnet but i had one period since it happend BUT now i missed my secound perioed i think i might be pregnet what can i do?


Melissa - May 11

After too many negatives on hpt (tested too early) I took two this morning and swore it was the last time this month. I have had tender b___sts, fatigue, slight nausea and headaches. The tests this morning were both positive. i went to the dr for a urine test and that showed negative. I am very confused and did some research. Everything points to false negatives. We may just not have enough of hcg to test positve yet. Let me know how it goes.


mariale - May 13

i had s_x like 4 weeks ago, he was using a condom and he came inside me with the condom, later, we had s_x again and when we started he penetrated me without a condom and then he put it on again. he didn't come inside me at any time without the condom but I am very worried because i haven't had my period and i feel weird things in my stomach. I am very nervous and i would like to see if there is any possibility of me being pregnant???? I really need some help!!! thanx.


rachel - May 14

hi im on birth control and im very careful and dont miss pills or anything but im also on adoxa for acne and i know that can affect the birth control. me and my boyfriend had s_x a little over a week ago but he pulled out and i just got my period but im just nervous if it is to soon to tell if im pregnant and if i could still get my period even if i am pregnant. how do i know?


A - May 18

i had s_x with my girlfriend but i am pretty posotive i neva had pre c_m or anything i never jizzed becoz as soon as the condom ripped i pulled out but shes keeps geting stomach cramps like consipation and i am really worried and she doesnt know what the hell to do can anyone help me ? thnx


baby - May 18

i had s_x every day until my period came on. when it came on it was not normal. i had s_x they same day it ended. before and after my period i've been having pains in my stomache and im eating all the time and always urining. i really need an answer to this.


licole - May 20

did i have s_x during ovulation


Lily Cole - May 20



Jenifer - May 21

my boyfriend and i have been having s_x regularly and i am now two weeks past my normal period. I have been having back pains and stomach pains for about 2 weeks now but every time i take a pregnancy test it comes out negative i have taken 2 in the past two weeks. I dont know what could be wrong, either i am just late and the tests are right, or i am pregnant and the tests are wrong. I dont know what to do or what is wrong with me, i am only 19 years old i dont think that i am ready for a baby, but i know that i couldnt give it up. Help me


kat - May 24

I had s_x with my boyfriend last saturday. without condom. and i juz finish my period. and after five days he told me it is safe. so we had s_x last saturday. m scared. m not ready to get pregnant plz i need ur help. and my period is not regular anymore. before i have regular period. but this year i have irregular period. how could i make it regular? i need help please thank u.


sara - May 26

obviously to get the right answer it would be best to see you doctor as soon as possible! Everybodys body works differently.Also not knowing what is causing the delay of your periods, etc, only causes a lot of stress and worry, and makes matters worse regarding your health. Do what is best. Speak with the experts and get it out of the way : ) The happier you will be!


mary - May 31

i had s_x on saturday and the condom broke inside of me..and that day was the last day of my period..is there nething i can do to test if im pregant sooner instead of waiting until the next time im suppose to get my period?



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