I Dont Know If Im Pregnant

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m - March 24

could be an std. you need to go to the doc.


savanna - March 26

im 14 and i think impregnant


AC - March 27

i have read that when alot of you when having s_x with your boyfriends that he pulls out before he c_m in you, but did you know that all guys pre-c_m and they don't even feel it, their have been studies done on it and they have found small amounts of sperm in it and remember that it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant


m - March 27

you are 14 and have s_x? wow when i was 14 i played with my toys. lol if you dont want to get pregnant you need to you protection its not that hard..


Marie - March 28

K. is not nessesary to get pregnet if he's in top of you .. ok . im confused i need helP~*


Manda - March 28

Im on the pill, and dont get my period so i dont know if i have missed it or not. I have pains in my stomach and my breats are sore and have grown. ive noticed ive put on a little bit of weight, i even when i eat the smallest things i become bloated. I've been getting migrains lately which make me through up. whats the possibilty of me being pregnant?


candy - March 30

my stomack was hurting will i was having s_x what is causing that to happen


veronica2k6 - April 1

this is to K, k, it is possible to get pregnet with the man on top you can get pregnet in any position.


dora - April 4

hi i would like to know the day u r late for u cycle how for a long r u!!!


> - April 4

i have a question, i am about 13 years old.. the p___s didnt go inside me.. i was wearing my underwear but sperm came out of the male.. can i get pregnant?


J - April 4

oh my gosh... you are 13. if you dont know the answer to that one YOU ARE TOO YOUNG to even be practicing s_x.


lovechris - May 10

i missed my period an di have no signs of being pregnant but i have weird feelings in my stomic and my best are only tender at times and iv been sneezing alot and peeing alot and been feeling really tired


im_danielle_hi - May 13



kdlovesrd - March 29

15 years old, s_xually active & drinking -- oh my goodness, you CHILDREN need a hobby and it shouldn't be s_x & alcohol!



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