I Feel Pregnant But Testing Negative

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confused_86 - September 11

i just got my blood test results back and it is negative! omg im so crazy right now as im still having symptoms and i can feel all of the movements! i really need some help on how to get a scan done if anyone can help please send me a message thanks


Christina604 - August 4

Hi everyone. I am normally not late, well maybe the odd day or two late but usually 28 day cycle. I have been trying to conceive for the last 13 months with no luck. In july we did ttc on my fetile days. My period was due July 29th. Today I am 7 days late, really late for my cycle. I have not had my usual severe cramping that i get when my period is coming. I had some lower abdomin pain on and off the last few days. Not feeling so great & tired. I have had headaches & some back pain. My stomach looks very bloated, but not my usual bloating either, more full & round & very low. I look a little pregnant in my opinion. So I waited til this morning to take HPT. It was negative! My b___sts and sore & feel heavy! I had light spotting, very little about the size of a dime today but no actual sign of my period. Im confused. Is it possible to be 7 days alte & still be oreg? With my first child I had major morning sickness, although I do not feel like that now. If I am pregnant Id be 5 weeks tomorrow. How long should I wait to re test? Or should I a__sume my period is very very late?? And does anyone have little pains in early preganacy & some slight spotting. Im so worried, I got excited being this late & hoping I was pregnant now Im not so sure :( Any advice would help:) thanks


HollZ - August 8

Hopefully someone can shed some light on the situation I am in. I got my period on July 3, 2007 and it ended around July 7-8. I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend on July 13, 2007 and he didn't pull out (I am not on the pill). Around the end of July I got my "period", or so I thought. I had one day where there was aprox. 3-4 tablespoons on bright red blood and the next day just a little brown spotting. This confuses me b/c I've never had a 2 day period. I took 3 pregnancy test and all were negative (the last one was taken on August 4th and was negative). I took a urine test at my gyno which was also negative and the blood test is still pending. The only symptoms I have are nausea (without vomiting) and I'm tired alot (which isn't anything new for me). My question is, how likely is it that I am pregnant? Anyone have a clue?


TiffyB - August 14

Hey, wow it is great to know that I am no the only one feeling this way! But at the same time feel so bad for all of you as well because this is very confusing/stressful ya know? Well I skipped my period in June and got one the first week in July and my periods are very regular and painful and heavy! Well i didn't get another "period" until AUG 3 and it was a little brown spotting and only lasted for 3 days. I have taken 3 tests and they are all neg. But even as I am typing I feel pressure and a little uncomfortable in my lower abdomen. I get a little nausea after eating get VERY tired to the point I can't talk for a few hours at a time, I get headaches, back aches and my bowel movements have changed(TMI sorry!) I am never satisfied with how much I eat either. It is very strange! And I have a 3 yr old and she keeps telling me that I am going to bring her a baby brother! And everyone keeps asking me if I am pregnant! My sis was having problems having a child and is going to see all these doctors and one of them told her that she was pre-menopausal and she is only 28. So what do you think about those possibilities?


HollZ - August 17

I love how people reply to questions...


princesa - August 17

HOLLZ--first thing i would do, is lose the att_tude. For cryin out loud--look at the thread you posted on. it has had 5 (including me) posts since september 2006. and TWO are from you. Try picking a more active thread or forum. I would try posting in the "pregnancy signs" forum.


ID91211_ - July 29

Okay so were all pretty much on the same boat. I was on bc & stopped taking it because it made me feel depressed & I told my bf. Three weeks later we had s_x on July 9th w/ no protection & he cam in me. This was a few days before I was fertile & then same situation on July 23rd, we had s_x w/ no condom & he cam in me again which was a few days after I was fertile. Ive been pregnant before I have all the same symptoms such as being EXTREMELY tired, random cravings I feel sick to my stomach a lot but I don't throw up, I didn't in my first pregnancy either. I took a pregnancy test on the 27th which came back negative & I'm supposed to start my period in 5 days. My first pregnancy I went to the ER non pregnancy related n they gave me a pregnancy test which said negative but later on I found out it was wrong cos not only 3 weeks later I was 6 weeks & lost it. Someone break down the odds of me being pregnant please!


bbygrl17 - September 4

hi, i'm 17 and i think i may be pregnant. The past 4-5 weeks my mom has been noticing i seem a lot more moody and emotional, i can clear out the fridge in less than 2 weeks(we buy a lot of food at the beginning of the month too), i go to the bathroom a lot more, my b___bs have grown almost a full cup size in 2 weeks, 3 weeks ago i couldnt fit into my jeans, my stomach started looking bloated(and jus the other day my mom said my stomach felt harder than usual and the lower part of my abdomen seems to be almost blending in wit the area below and is getting larger), i used to sleep on my stomach and now i cant bcuz i feel too much pressure on my b___bs and stomach. i have taken 2 pregnancy tests, both were negative, the first was a blood and urine test at my doctor's(which was taken a week and a half after the possible time of conception), the second was a dollar store hpt(at 4/5 weeks after possible conception). also the other day my mom said she could see a stretch mark? is it normal to see stretch marks while pregnant? i also started taking birth control pills july 10, and my gyno said that it would take at least a month for the pill to work, but very unexpectedly i ended up having unprotected s_x one time before a month had pa__sed. and now some noticeable symptoms lately are: dizziness, headaches, VERY frequent backaches, more bathroom trips, nausea(wit the feeling that im going to throw up, but i dont), fatigue, difficulty sleeping, more frequent runny nose, eating more, tender and sore b___bs, blue veins popping out across chest to around the nipple area, darker areolas, cramping(seems to be jus like pms cramps, but no period yet), constipation, sensitivity to smell and different food cravings. if someone could pleaseee help me out that would be a lot of help. thank you



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