I Have An IUD But I Haven T Had A Period Since Dec

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Sophie - February 2

I have an IUD but I haven't had a period since Dec. and when I did it was a pinkish/brown color. I took two test got a neg. But because I have a IUD I have to call my Dr. when this happens. My Dr. gave me a test and at first she said a neg. but then she saw a faint line (pos.) She said she would take it as a neg., but she wants a blood test just to be sure. Could I be pregnant?


maria - February 8

it's possible. i had an iud and my doctor didn't believe me that i was pregnant. she gave me a test. what do you know i'm 2 months pregnant.


Krissie - May 7

Yes.I think that you are pregnant. I got pregnant with an IUD when I was18.


Beatrice - May 7

Do take the blood test as well. This way they can see if the pregnancy hormone is released yet.


Faith - May 8

Maria, What kind of IUD did you have? I had the Mirena and when they took it out I bled really bad and pa__sed some things that were not clots. I thought I might have been miscarrying. Did they take the IUD out or is it still there? Is your pg going okay? Sophie, I think you are probably pregnant too. You still ovulate with and IUD in so you have a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy....so be careful.


Heather - May 9

I had the IUD Mirena which I just loved. I had very light periods so light that if I wiped it was over. I was very regular on the IUD and of course now that we are trying again I'm so far off it's riduculous. IF you have the MIrena one of the side effects is less or no period. Which I loved. The odds of getting pregnant is the same as getting your tubes tied. But other than having your ovaries taken out there's is always a chance. You could be pregnant and but only the doc will be able to tell for sure. I hope you find out either way very soon.


jessie - November 20

I havent got a period since the 2 nd week of october it is now nov 19 could i be pregnent with the iud. mines on for 3 to 5 years just wonderinf if it could be possible.



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