I Have My Period Yet 3 Pregnancy Tests Showed Positive

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Mom to Val - December 3

I am really confused here, please let me know your opinion/experience. My Husband and I have been trying since October to conceive Baby #2, well we calculated my most fertile days wrong, so that was a No, so we tried Nov.14th and some days after since we got the days right. 2 wks later I've already taken 3 tests since I have been stressed over the waiting period until you have enough of the pregnancy hormone to show on the test if positive or negative. All 3 took a little while to show the results, yet all were Positive! My period arrives on or around the 29th/30th. I ended up getting it and It's not spotting or what you may read that it appears as a period, but isn't. So I've been on my period for 3 days now...Flow is different, but still enough to fill 2 pads a day. Barely none of the 'tiny globs'. Sorry if this grosses anyone out, but these are the details. What in the world is happening??? I tested 2 times with EPT, and the other was a wal-mart store brand. Can I still be pregnanct? My mom said that the same thing happened when she was pregnant with me (just for the 1st month).


louise - December 8

The same thing happened to me at six weeks pregnant, and it ended up being an early miscarriage. Sorry to say that it might be bad news, although some people do get a "period" but nothing is wrong. That is just what happened to me. The doc took blood tests which showed approx. the correct amount of hcg for my stage of preg, but two days later I had more blood taken, and it had dropped when it should have more than doubled. Ask your doctor for one or a series of blood tests. Good luck!


Kristi - December 8

I had bleeding for the first two months that I was pregnant (similar to what you are describing) at the times when I should have had a period. I didn't even know I was pregnant until the 3rd month, so I thought something was very wrong. BUT I and had a healthy baby boy and my doc explained that bleeding happens in many women at any given point during a pregnancy. Those urine tests are very very accurate, but you should get the blood test at the doctor's office ASAP!! Good Luck!!



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