I Know I M Pregnant But Negative HCG Tests

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Precious - August 5

I know this seems redundant because there are a lot of posts with this problem - just wanted personal advice -- PLEASE POSITIVE COMMENTS ONLY, not that I'm self-deluding, but I refuse to give up hope! My situation - It's hard to imagine but I knew exactly when I conceived - burpy & "funny" gassy feeling in stomach - no pain...same symptoms as last pregnancy. I was tracking my ovulation & it was likely that I would ovulate the week before the symptoms started, still, I was 2 weeks from having my normal period. Now 2 weeks later - no period. From burpy, to nautious & lots of stomach acid... lower back pain unbearable... craving dairy prod. & I don't eat dairy... hungry every 4 hours... faint headaches... prominent, sensitive nipples the past week, tired, veins showing through skin (very vascular). Today, missed period but negative HCG test. HELP! Any advice would help. I KNOW I am pregnant & don't want to lose hope - I've had 3 miscarriages, one with multiples, & have lost 5 children through miscarriage...... desperately want a baby, but everyone's trying to tell me I'm not pregnant because of the neg test when I know I am. Been taking great care of myself - someone say something to cheer me up please!!! Thanks, Precious


ash - August 5

I knew I was pregnant too! I tooks tons of home tests (all negative) then finally went to the Dr. I wasn't having any symptoms- except being exhausted, and I was alittle bloated. But I am now 19 weeks- I took a home test a few weeks ago just to see what happened- still negative. Listen to your body...


Precious - August 6

Thanks Ash....yeah, I am going to listen to my body. None of this really makes sense unless you just realize that childbirth & conceiving are indeed a miracle & man & his devices can't explain it, no matter how hard they try. Good luck with your pregnancy & thanks for the advice.


Precious - August 8

Will some ladies please share their opinion, everyone seems to be replying to the same post ---- any good advice?


LM - August 8

My home tests never come out pos. I have the same feeling now, but just had a blood test today and still neg. I'm really confused as to what is happening with my body. Anyone else ever have a neg BLOOD test. It seems that with each preg my body produces less and less HCG. Hang in there. ash - how far along were you when you finally tested pos at the Dr.?


amy - August 8

im 7 weeks pregnant, and always had negative tests but ive never missed my period for 2 weeks before and i finally tested positive on a blood test at the doc



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