I Know That I Am Pregnant Why Won T Anyone Belive Me

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ARV - May 12

I just got back from the Doctor's office. Because my urine test came back negative, the doctor told me that there is no way that I am pregnant. She ordered some blood work (Quant_tative) which will be done tomorrow. I am 1 1/2 weeks late, sore br___ts, nausea out, metalic taste in my mouth, heartburn, and bloated. I am sitting here typing this and crying at the same time. I know my body and there is something going on!!! Is there is anyone else out there in the same boat?


me - May 12

iam on the same boat


maggie - May 12

hi ARV, I know what you are going through. I'm 11 days late today. I took 2 negative tests and I feel like I'm gonna go crazy, and even have moments when I hink I'm doing this to myself. I have a 4 year old, and the only difference this time around is a negative test. I'm reluctant to go to the doctor b/c I currently don't have insurance. how long is your cycle? mine is about 30 days so if I am I might not be producing enough hcG yet. But I'll tell you I feel really off. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. Keep me posted...I'll keep you posted.


YMP - May 12

hi arv...same here he feels confident in his office urine test, says hormones are probably doing it, otherwise he doesnt know what the problem could be? took blood but not for hcg, they took it for thyroid, cbc etc. I almost feel like im doing this to myself too...one thing I know is my body and it doesnt fit my clothes ; )


ARV - May 12

Thanks maggie and YMP - I have always been regular on a 28 day cycle. I know my body and it is so upsetting to have her brush off my symptoms like it is all in my head. I wanted to celebrate the pregancy, not wonder it I am even pregnant for the first trimester. I will let you know what my bood results are when I call tomorrow. I have no idea what they are testing but hopefully someone will say, Oops, we made a mistake. You are pregnant.


Catherine - May 12

Hi Arv, don't worry, we are in the same boat. I'm so sorry no one belives you, we all know exactly how you feel. No one believes me either except my husband and my best friend! I am roughly 12 weeks pregnant. So..... I have gone through the first trimester with no BFP, no announcement.......nothing, just confusion! But hey, it's taught me a lot about caring soooo much about what people think- I know I'm pregnant and I know my body, so at this point I don't care at all what other people think! I haven't done a test since about 8 weeks, so I'm still waiting for my BFP. Don't worry! There are so many women on this site who have gone through exactly what you're going through..... Some women I have met waited until 4-4.5 months pregnant untiil their BFP! Some never got a BFP by HCG levels...but the doctor couldn't deny the baby he heard in the Doppler or on an ultrasound! Anyway, you just keep your head up, and post whenever you need to. We're here for you!


Trisha - June 25

He I just wanted to wish you all good luck. My friend and her sister are both pregnant and it took them two test and about a month break inbetween the two tests to show they were pregnant she is also a nurse and told me that the best thing is to get an ultra sound done if nothing shows up on the test because sometimes people wait to long and then the test dont work right anyways. Well I am in the same boat as you all so I wish you luck.


**C** - July 4

Hey yall, is anyone still around??? IF so here i go.... I have now missed 2 periods.. last was april 21st.. now july 4th..... I have some symptoms.. i dont believe i have had any huge amount of stress, havent gianed/lost any weight. no birth control EVER.i dont do any extreme exercise or anything like that.. we started trying to concieve 3 months ago.. at first i wasnt worried about it, i didnt even notice i hadent had a period yet... then i realized hey.. its not here.. oh well maybe im a few days off.. and now im 2 months off.... lately ive been lookin up stuff online and on this site.. everything says if you test negative then you arent pregnant.. but i dont understand what can cause me to miss 2 periods when im not stressed....etc... im 20 yrs old.. never ever missed a period before now.. my b___st seem to be bigger, i asked my husband and he said ya they are and my bras dont fit anymore.. they hurt.. im exhausted.. etc. so, if theres anyone that has any advice, it would be very appreciated.


suzy - July 5

hi arv, i am in the same boat as you.i feel as if no one believes me.i have been a kidney transplant patient for ten years now,its working well but iam on two new medications which the doctors don't know how it will affect an unborn child due to lack of research i have not seen a proper period since 31st march 05 and the tests still show up negative.the gp told me that i can't have a scan until the test shows up positive.my tummy is getting big and my b___st felt sore and tingly,tired,mood swings,lower backache etc.i am getting very worried because the doctors seem to be dismissive


dora - July 9

there is no reason 2 cry.Sometimes we can scare ourselves with mental pregnancy.We may read abt certain symptoms and find ourselves actually having them.hopefully everything went well at doctor and you got the results you've been waiting 4.



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