I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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frog1978 - September 24

Monika - how are things?, you haven't posted..keep us posted..


Melissa - September 24

Debprah-No, I wasn't able to get a blood test. I called the nurse for my doctor and she said to wait another week until I get a postive hpt. So I waited with all the pregnancy symptoms. I wanted to go in but I didn't want to switch doctors since I just moved. Did you still have pregnancy symptoms when you miscarried. My stomach still feels sore and the bleeding has tapered off. At night is the worst. It feels like my stomach is stretching and it is bloated. When the bleeding stopped did you feel any continued symptoms with your body? I don't mean to be so graphic. I couldn't get an appt. for the doc until october so I wonder if I should go to the ER room. I don't really have pain on any one side. It is sometimes a tight feeling more centralized in the stomach. What would you do?


Monika - September 24

Hi Frog 1978! What a week! Thanks for asking about me. I ended up with another miscarriage. It has b__wn my mind. Just thought I was late, and realized I was in trouble when I went through 3 pads within an hour. Thanks again for asking!


monique - September 25

Do you want a baby? If so you need to go to your doc as soon as possible! what meds are you on that kill embryo's?


Amazed - September 26

Wow Imagine! I admire your guts to spill out what you and your boyfriend did. If by any luck you end up being pregnant let all of us know. Don't be stupid and abort the unborn, just because you and your boyfriend were experimenting with your bodies. There are thousands of woman out there who would love to be a mommy and adopt your baby in a heart beat. Good luck! And I want to know also what meds you take that kill the embroys? Get on the pill if you and your boyfriend are that serious and condoms for back up.


carry - September 28

i am so glad there r others out there with this same problem.i am 6 days late and all 4 of my tests r negative i am so anxious hope i am pregnant goog luck 2 all xxx


Harmony - September 29

I'm 8 days late and last night i took a HPT and it said i was negative so i put it down and went to sleep. This morning i woke up and there was a faint line saying it might be positive. I've never been late before so I'ma little concerned.


Debs - September 30

Hi Glad to hear that others are going mad over the same thing and that I am not alone. I miscarried on the 20th July 04. Normally my cycle was around 32 days. However My first menstrual cycle after the M/SC was 40 days and now I am on day 34 of my second menstrual cycle. I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms like the first time round but I have been ttc. I have done two HPT and they were negative, I am really confused as to what is going on and would like to hear from anyone who has been in the same position. Me and DH really want to get pg. PS: Is it to soon to see my doctor?


Jodaci - September 30

Hi Iam about 5 days late and neg. results so far.....but morning sickness is running rampid......blah....email [email protected]


Jem - October 1

HI I am 4 days late and my test was negitve but I have early symptoms aswell , my parnter and I have been trying for our 4th baby as we have always wanted 4 kids and I finding it so hard as the other 3 came along so easily we just ha dto look at each other, but I went on the contraceptive injection but came off a year ago to start trying for number 4 , whenever I have taken a pregnancy test at home before they have always been right, and have never missed a period unless pregnant so I am hoping that tests can be wrong as I don't know how much more pressure I can take off to docs on Monday for bnlood test and he has told me he can have the test results back in 24 hours so we will see , he also said it could be stress or a urine infection so u never know fingers crossed I guess.


Amanda - October 1

Hello all. My last period was on Aug 7 2004 and then 3 weeks later I had like weird discharge, almost black brownish some red, gross stuff. I thought it was my period, but it was too soon. Now here it is Oct. 1st and I've taken 3 HPT's and one at the doctors. All came out negative. I also have noticed that my lower abdomen is slightly tighter than usual. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?


notworried - October 2

I was 11 days late on my period. Due Sept 19, I had 3 negative hpt and 2 negative blood test. The day after I had the 2nd negative blood test I started my period Oct 1.


Colleen - October 2

I am 6 days late and have had 3 negative home test results. I actually feel a lot of relief that others are having the same issues that I am. I felt really alone and scared that something was wrong with me. I am going for a blood test on Monday, wish me luck!


Advice - October 3

You may be over working your mind, I had exactly the same thing last month,(I'm always regular) I was 18 days late and done 4 hpt's and 1 at the dr's all negatives. It could be that you are a little stressed and your period could be delayed or you could be ovulating very late this month, coz i reckon that, that is wot happened to me. What you should look for is emotions (tearful), tidying up alot. Very bad cramps in your stomach and tiredness, thats how i felt and then got my period. I hope this helps, but on the other you could be pregnant just w8, i know it's hard but if this month i dont come on I am goin to w8 atleast 4 weeks. x


Colleen - October 3

The weird thing is that I have been throwing up, have had a huge appet_te, I have tiredness and headaches, dizziness and weird feelings in my abdomen. I don't know if this could all be psychological but I guess the blood test will reveal all.


Chrissy - October 6

Hi all! Here's my story... my period comes regularly every 30 days. I was supposed to get it on Sept. 23 but didn't. I went to the Dr. on Sept. 27 to have a blood test and it was negative. To this day, I still haven't gotten my period. For the past 2 days, my nipples have been feeling more sensitive than usual. To the point where they hurt it they're touched. So I decided to take a hpt and there was a very faint line on the test side. I think I'll wait a couple of days and take another hpt. Wish me luck. I'll let you know the outcome.



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