I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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Sara - August 17

I am usually very regular with my period, I can tell exactly when it is coming, I have a 28 day cycle. My period is now 7 days late and 2 home pregnancy tests taken (one at 4 days late and one first thing this morning) have come out negative. I can't think of any other reason my period could be late and I have been getting some of the symtoms. How long does it take some women to have a positive show up on their tests?? I am so confused!!!


cheri - August 17

I'm 3 days late....1 negative test....has anyone had any physical symptoms of pregnancy? I haven't so I'm feelin quite pessimistic (sp?) Would it be too early?


Michelle - August 18

In addition to being 10 days late with 3 negative hpt's, I have no signs of discharge or spotting. I do have bouts of nausea and headaches, but my fear is that I'm just anxious about finding out if I am pregnant. Has anyone else had few symptoms but a late period? It's comforting to hear that other women have similar concerns and questions! I hope we all find out good news soon!


cheri - August 18

michelle....I have had some b___st tenderness and some discharge....have you gone for a bloodtest? i went for one today...these HPT suck! What a waste of money!


Michelle - August 18

Cheri, I had blood drawn yesterday, so I'm hoping to get my results before the end of the week. It is a waste of $$! Let me know when you find out your results! Good luck!


cheri - August 19

Michelle, Just found out today it was negagative...I don't know if you're on any fertility drugs...I'm on Clomid and Prometrium....If you are taking Prometrium (or any form of Progesterone) that can stop your period...so you may want to check that out...I just learned this today...Good luck on your bloodtest!


Michelle - August 20

Cheri, I'm not on fertility drugs, but I did get my results. it's negative. I called my doc and she said to give it another week but it's still a little early. I've started to spot though, so I think all the tests I took are accurate.. :( Best of luck to you!


cheri - August 20

Sorry to hear that, Michelle......good luck to you too!


kjay - August 21

well i had s_x with my man the morning of july 31st roughly 4 days later i had a lil spotting. and about a week after that i had severe heartburn which later progressed into acid reflux just in a few days. then i began having a heavy discharge. then the nausea came and excessive tiredness, my cervix has also made sort of a plug. i took 3 HPT's all negative. took a blood test, that even came out negative? if i'm not pregnant then what other sickness can possibly cause the same symptoms as pregnancy? plus i also forgot to mention that my nipples have now darkened and my left b___st has lil droplets of water comign out of it, and i have excessive mucous in my mouth throat and nose. PLEASE HELP!!!!


Lucie - August 21

I am now 6 days late and have taken 2 HPT's; both have come out negative. However, I have been suffering from the following symptoms: nausea, tiredness, change in temperature, constant peeing and cravings (nothing weird). I have also been feeling weird sensations (some of which is a slight sharp pain) in my stomach. I will book myself in for a blood test but could someone please tell me how long it usually takes to get the results? And do you have to go there in person to retrieve this, or can they post this to you? I'd be grateful if someone could please let me know!


Bitty - August 22

I am 7 days late and 4 HPTs have shown negative. I am also like clockwork. I have absolutely no symptoms of pregnancy. I don't even have my regular and always present signs of PMS! What is going on???


SUSIE - August 23



Andrea - August 23

I'm in the same boat. Actually, I found this post from a websearch looking for info about this. I'm only 2 days late, but I would bet money that I'm pregnant. Yet, 4 tests have shown negative. I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster - am I, or arn't I? Anyway, I'm calling the doc this week to get a blood test. Apparently, this is common though based on the posts.


Lisa - August 25

I'm 7 days late and took a HPT this morning that came up negative. I've NEVER been late before - my period hits on the 31st day like clockwork and has for years. So now I'm going to wait a few days and call my doctor for an appointment for a blood test. My husband and I are actively trying, and this is so stressful! I have a few signs of early pregnancy (clear discharge, slight cramping in lower abdomen, somewhat tender b___sts), so I don't know what to think. I wish I'd either be pregnant or just get my period already - not knowing is torture!


Hussein - August 26

i'm man and my women is hite me althought i test urine for her the technican lap giv me result they war negative please my you help me


Estela - August 26

Hi ***** I know how you feel. I myself am 4 days late and I've taken like 3 test and they all come out negative. It feels good to know i'm not alone. I hope all of you are doing better than me, I'm ANXIOUS to know if I am or NOT. I've spotted for a couple of days, but not red, sort of like a brownish color, any advise?



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