I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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emma - January 23

15 days late now ! and its really bugging me, i still have the bloatiness, tiredness, sicky feeling, heart burn every so often, peeing alot (waking up in the night to go), eating for the uk, nipples are still sore (but not tingling now or feeling firmer) i been having lower back ache, clear discharge is slowing down a bit now compared to last week. fingers are slightly swelled up in the mornings, The womens body is such a complicated thing i become to realise. If you have msn and need to talk its [email protected] :-)


Linda - January 23

O.K. This morning I found a website www.dreamingofbaby.com that talked about the hCG levels of different popular pregnancy tests. According to this site average women will produce 25 mIU/ml of hCG at 10 days after ovulation. Here are some results of a list of tests and sensitivity to hCG: Clear Blue Easy Earliest Result 25 mIU/ml, Clear Blue/ Clear Plan Easy PT 50 mIU/ml, Clear Plan/ Clear Blue Digital Test 100 mIU/ml, First Response PT 100 mIU/ml, Aim Stick 20 mIU/ml, Fact Plus 150-250 mIU/ml, Answer Pregnancy Test 100 mIU/ml, EPT 40 mIU/ml, Answer Early 25 mIU/ml, There are other tests listed and generic ones too. Interesting the variations in detection levels. It makes one wonder how much money is to be made in pregnancy testing. Obviously with some of these tests several would be needed as the levels are higher in their detection. Hope this helps. I still don't have my period.


emma - January 23

www.medisave.co.uk also do ultrs sensitive tests with only 10ml needed for a positive result. to get to the tests on he left hand side in the menu go to fertilty and test kits and they are in there, they deliver world wide and very cheap prices. Ive just ordered one as i have been using clear blue digital and they need 100 or more ml to confirm pregnancy


Jacqui - January 23

Thanks for the article Bekah! Very interesting.


Jacqui - January 23

Hey everyone I'm now 10 days late. Did a test 2 days ago and still negative. I talked to my doctor that day and she said if I still hadn't got my period in a weeks time to come and see her for a urine & blood test. She did mention that the blood test isn't much more accurate than a urine test, and she was a pit puzzled I was testing negative on the HPT's. She still suspects pregnancy though, and told me to act as if I was until I know for sure. I'm having a few pregnancy symptoms - sore nipples, b___sts seem a bit fuller (or is that just wishful thinking), frequent urination (or is that just cause I drink a lot of water?) and an absolutely ravenous appet_te. I'm going to wait until tomorrow or maybe the next to do another HPT.. will let you all know what happens!


Chris - January 24

Well now Im 6 days late...don't know whats going on here. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms.I guess i'll find out on monday from the dr. Keep everybody updated


charlotte - January 24

I'm seven days late and between the seven days and I had my period for two days. And now it stopped. But I'm still cramping and bloated. Is that a sign or pregnancy.


elizabeth - January 24

hello everybody, i am almost 2 periods late, i have took 3 hpts all negative. I am crampy off and on, tender b___bs, pee alot but thats normal anyways, so tired and exhausted its crazy. Iwant to hear some postives, and maybe see one. i hope someone can explain to me if they experience what i am


Jessica - January 24

Hi, last month my period was 4 days late, went to dr for other reason and mentioend this, she tested it was negative. This month I am almost 2 weeks late, this is abnormal for me, aside from teh 4 days late last month. I am a very stresssed person, adn I never have had this before, I took a HPT this month about 4 days after missed period and it was neg. Tahn today went to dr and took another it was negative too, they said wait a few days and come back in no period and haev blood done. I asked why it wouldn't show on test, she said because seomtimes tehy just don't work for some people? I don't know what is going on with me but I'm scared! My fiance nad I hae a daghter we dearly love, we haev been together for 8 years and pretty much ae always just used pulling out method. So could I be? When was pregnant with ym daughter sis two test both positive?


Cheri - January 25

Maybe you guys should check if your hormones are low. You can have a blood test to see if that is what is causing you to be late.


alica - January 25

im also 6 days late and done a test 4 days ago and it was negative gunna do another 1 on friday.... have some symptoms constantly tired and feeling sick all the time....really scared can just hope for the best


Ashley 2 months late - January 25

hi guys , thought I was the only one. I am 2 months late, and 4 hpts tests later and still negitive. The doctors don't know either, I have all the symptoms of pregnacy, but still they say negitive. I don't understand why can't it just show up and give me a piece of mind. I am 19 years old, and I don't know what to do.


Tiffany - January 25

I am now 1 wk and 6 days late...I am usually pretty normal between 28-30 days...I took 2 home pregnancy tests (2 different brands) and both came out negative. sometimes there isnt enough hormone leval to show up on a test or you take it to soon..but there are those test that you are suppose to be able to take 4 days prior. I am thinking I need to take a blood test to for sure find out!


Soraya - January 25

Hey everyone, this morning, I took my first pregnancy test it came back negative. I am baffled by this, as I have seriously bad and uncommon heartburn, my b___bs have montgomery's tubercules all over them, and i get headaches and backache, not to mention the fact that my fiance and i have been having unprotected s_x every day for the last month at least once as we are trying for a baby. I am now 10 days late for my period. I presume the negative result is due to hormone levels. How frustrating. I don't know what to do. I was somewhat upset when it came out negative, but I just KNOW that I am pregnant.


Bekah - January 25

Hey ladies. I posted a bunch last week. My blood test is negative...oh well. We weren't planning for a child anyway. But I have one question....where the heck is my period???????


Vicki - January 25

HI Kelly, In the same boat as you are. Well I've been pretty regular for as long as I remember, I'm now 5 days late. I took a HPT and it was negative. I have another HPT I'll take again on Friday to see what happens. It's very frustrating. Like I haven't had any symptoms though, well I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy off and on for awhile there but I'm just getting off of a cold too. Plus I'm alittle stressed. Hopefully I get Aunt Flo soon, hehee. Take care, Good luck :)



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