I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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Estela - August 26

Hi ***** I know how you feel. I myself am 4 days late and I've taken like 3 test and they all come out negative. It feels good to know i'm not alone. I hope all of you are doing better than me, I'm ANXIOUS to know if I am or NOT. I've spotted for a couple of days, but not red, sort of like a brownish color, any advise?


leigh - August 27

ok i am also 7 days late just had another negative result (2nd one) so i have come to this conclusion we are all using the same make of pregnancy test and the company who makes them have made a faulty batch and really were all pregnant! maybe not hey, but if anyone else is using clear blue maybe.good luck everyone


Sally - August 28

I am rea__sured that I am not the only one going insane with not knowing. I am now 6 days late, done numerous tests both at home and the doctors and still nothing. Will be booking in for a blood test next week but even that doesn't seem to give the answers! Does anyone know of anybody who has been through this and ended up with a positive result? I found another site and women on there didn't find out til about 10/12 weeks so that's comforting - not!!


Katy - August 28

HI! i have been taking birth control pills for a bout 6 months now and stopped last month so basically i have been unportected for this month. my cycle is now seven days late, have taken 3 home pregnancy tests and all have come out negative, but still no period. i don't know if it is the change from the pill or could i be pregnant? : )


maggie - August 28

my baby just turned three months and I am 10 days late now. I have always been really regular but I have only had one period since my baby and two tests were negative. I don't know if my period is really out of wack or I am actually pregnant again wich could be possible. Guess I'll call my doctor.


nos - August 28

Katy, its very normal to skip periods after u get off birth control pills..so dont do TOO much worrying and dont spend too much money tryin to find out if u r.


joey - August 29

I'm about 8 days late. Took a HPT this morning n was negative. I'm always regular no matter how stressed out I am. I'm currently on break n am hardly stress at all. I had s_x (once) about a day before my calculated ovulation date n haven't had any intercourse since. My partner withdrew before he came. I am hardly stressing myself thinking about whether I am pregnant (because I'm not trying to get pregnant) because I think it was hardly possible to get pregnant with just one act of s_xual intercourse. If I did get pregnant based on this one s_xual act, it'll be like striking the baby lottery! :) I'm not on any fertility drugs or any medications. I have some symptoms showing. I started feeling tired and drained out just a few days after my ovulation date. Then I started having chest pains and my b___sts were aching like mad. Having food cravings now, getting hungry a whole lot more often. Feeling queasy nowadays too. Slightly constipating. Slight cramps in my abdominal area and am feeling bloated. Backaches. Aching body. All signs of pregnancy... And I was thinking I'm positively pregnant till I took the HPT this morning. Luckily, I found this post n know now that I'm not alone. Hopefully, I'll know if I'm pregnant soon. Waiting for another few days to visit the doctor for a blood test. This kind of wait is really agonising!


DEE - August 29

its been two months for me but the doc took a urine test and it came bacc neg. but i have to go back to the doc on the 15th of sept and i'm goin to ask for a blood test.


Lee - August 31

Kelly, I'm in the exact same boat as you but upon research I have found that all woman are different and that you may have taken the test too early also, check the expiry date on the box. My husband and I have been trying for 7 months I'm going for my blood test tomorrow no more messing around!


kristina - August 31

kelly im only 2days late and PT was negative also! im always on time, almost to the hour. my stomach has been bothering me but different from cramps. let me know your results from your blood test. feels good to not be alone in this!


Amanda - August 31

Hi Kelly-I understand what you are going through. For the last 6 days I have taken 8 preg tests! Finally today it was positive!! According to my schedule- I must have ovulated about a week late, so wait a few more days and test again. I used Clearblue Easy-it worked better than First Response!! Good Luck


Deborah - September 1

Kelly where have you been. We have all been anxiously waiting to hear about your blood test results. There are a few other ladies that said they were going for blood tests. What were your results? I myself have had 4 neg. urine tests. Two hpt's and two from a lab. I went for a bloodtest on Monday and got a positive. There is a problem though. The reason the urine tests could not detect the HCG hormone was because my HCG count is very low. I am by my calculations 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and my count is only 86. It should be way into the triple digits so I am told. I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow because my Dr. suspects I have a Blighted Ovum. This is where the sac and placenta have formed but no embryo, thus resulting in an inevitable miscarriage. The other only reason for such a low HCG count is that I am not as far along in my pregnancy as first thought. I wish this is the case. I'll shall see tomorrow.


joey - September 2

Deborah - Keep us posted Deborah! As for me, I won't be going in for my blood test till next Monday when I'll be around 6 weeks plus along. Another than the other symptoms, I don't feel very pregnant at all, because I'm not having any morning sickness at all. Not that I love puking my guts out, but at least it'll be a sure sign that I may be pregnant. I hope it'll be good news for me...


maria - September 2

I was on depo over two years ago, got the shot twice and that was it, it took two years for my periods to come back, i bleed for 16 days then nothing for two months, i am s_xually active but my boyfried always pulls out before he c_ms. about seven weeks ago i started staining a little, then bleed a little then stain, then bleed, this went on for almost five weeks, i have heartburn, light headedness, tiredness, mood swings, running to the toilet and even some cravings but dont think its possible for me to be pregnant due to the bleeding. did a test it was neg then a few hours later there was a thin blue line in the result window but still think its neg.......or is it.


leigh - September 2

well today i am 13 days late gonna have another test when i need the loo just sitting waiting now so fingers crossed 3rd time lucky well we will see i will let you all know good luck to anyone else having a test today keep us all posted


leigh - September 2

WELL GUYS 3RD TIME LUCKY IM PREGNANT !!!! now ive stopped running round the house thought i would let you all know there is hope so keep on trying good luck everyone x



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