I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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Arriette - December 21

Hi ladies. I'm new to this forum. I too am late for my period. Four days now. All the HPTs I've done have been negative. I am also always regular and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 months. I so hope I am pregnant! I have been experiencing some sharp pains in my abdomen. Not bad but noticeable. Anyone have these or know anything about them? Please let us know your news. I will let you know if I find an answer. Fingers crossed and baby dust for all of you (who want it ;-).


jodicrosby - January 3

I too am new to this forum. 2+ weeks late for AF. 5 negative HPT's and 1 negative urine test at the docs office today. I'm obsessing with the thought of being pregnant, though I know many of you have been going through this much longer than I, my heart goes out to you all. I have all the cla__sic early preg symptoms: cramping, bloated, b___sts slightly tender, hard tummy, headaches all the time, nausea, caught a cold, lower back aches. So my doctor sent me for a transv____al ultrasound today. Much to my surprise it was far too early to detect pregnancy, (can detect usually no earlier than 5 weeks) but it will detect anything else that might be going on with me. So if nothing else I will see if all my lady parts are normal and healthy. Once I hear back from the doc on the U/S results (if all is well) then I will order about 10 AIMSTRIP HPT's (will cost about $22) they have a sensitivity of 20. Test about avery 4-5 days until I confirm what I already know. Good Luck to all, prayers and baby dust go out to you all. Arriette, any news?


xxjoxjoxx - January 5

hi i am 18 years old i have a 11 month old gaughter ........ i have a 28 - 29 day cycle i am now 6 days late have taken 2 tests both came back negative. i didnt get a positive till 2 weeks after my missed period with my first baby , i have been having slight pain today in my hip area and have been feeling sick for the last 3 - 4 days could i be pregnant?


brickyardute - January 10

Arriette- I am in the exact same boat. 4 days late and a negative test. Have a blood test scheduled for next Tuesday. Please let me know what ends up happening with you. Good luck and take care!!!


iloveyouxx - January 13

hi there, help needed please... i stopped taking the pill 2 months ago and have had 2 normal periods since then, my last period was on the 6th december, i have been having unprotected s_x since that period stopped at least 4 times a week and i made sure i had s_x on my ovulation dates, i am now a week / just over a week late... i have been getting period like cramps for a week but no blood and no discoloured discharge... i have done about 4 tests over the last couple of weeks and all been negative, including the one i did tonight... i want to know whats going on and why my period is so late... i am peeing alot more and always feel hungier then normal with frequent headaches and tiredness :\ PLEASE HELP as this is doing mine and partners head in... thanks x


Peta1972 - January 19

Hi everyone. I am about 7 days late, have done 2 HPT's and both have been negative. I have an appointment at the doctors today, and will ask for a blood test. Apparently in some women the HCG hormone may not show up until later in the pregnancy. Last year when I miscarried, I didn't start to feel any pregnancy symptoms until I was about 7 weeks pregnant, and still then, the line of the HPT was faint. Don't get too stressed everyone, I recommend a blood test. Good luck.


brickyardute - January 19

After 12 days and one negative blood test I finally got my period. I am sad but hopeful for next time. Good luck to all of you!


jstjohn - June 16

So I am now 6 days late and pregnancy tests are negative. I am fortunate enough to work in a lab and they tested my blood a few days ago (3-4 days after missed period) and it was negative. I am usually very regular, every 30 days to the day. My husband and I are doing NFP and had intercourse May 31 after the start of my period on May 13 which makes that day 19... since my cycles are longer than some women I am wondering if I may have ovulated later than most women. Well needless to say we are freaking out a little. I was told that the beta HcG pregnancy blood test might not be accurate until about a week after a missed period. Same with the at home pee on a stick kind (7-10 days after missed period). Anyone of you on here end up with a positive result after many false negatives??? I have been off nuva ring for 3 months now (this should be my 3rd period off birth control) and I have not had abnormal periods for the past 2, very regular, little more heavy, but on time. I think I may have some pregnancy symptoms too but what if they are just "about the get my period" symptoms?? I have tender b___sts, abdominal cramping, weight gain, nausea, fatigue. I just want to know either way... this is sooo stressful!


LouiseeBx - July 5

its so good to know these things happen to others. i am 10 days late on my period, and i am usually very regular. my b___st are tender and have a few lumps on my nipples. i urinate a lot and have had the odd feeling of sickness as well as tierdness bloating and constipation. 5 tests (including one at the docs) have showed negative and i have been booked for a blood test. i am really confused and dont know what to think anymore. has this happened to anyone else and they've been pregnant?


jstjohn - July 5

Just an update... AF came after 42 days from the start of my last! Our bodies are capable of doing the strangest things... I think stress had a LOT to do with being so late and feeling the pregnancy symptoms, as well as the anxiety of TTC! AF was bitter sweet... we will be trying again tonight! Wooo!


jstjohn - July 5

I think the bottom line is this... there are SO many things that can cause the "pregnancy symptoms" such as stress that all we can do is rely on tests and trying to relax... I know, easier said than done! But you will know soon enough one way or another. Working in a lab we do trust the urine tests from the day you miss your period to be accurate. We use the same ones in the hospital I work at that we use at home.


MomWannaBe - July 5

Hello everyone. Kelly- I actually read something on a website that said HcG is highest in weeks 8-11. So if you are only 6 days late, your body just may not be producing enough of the hormone for the HPTs to pick up. Anyway, I feel your pain. My husband and I have been TTC for a year now, with no success. My cycles are typically around 32 days, but I have gone as long as 39. However, this is currently day 50 of my cycle and AF is no where to be found. I had very slight cramps a few days ago, frequent urination, and extreme fatigue. But I want this so badly that I'm afraid this is all in my head. I've taken 5 HPTs and all have come back negative. If I am pregnant, I would be around 6 or 7 weeks. Should I bother taking another HPT or just go to the doctor for a blood test? I am so confused. Good luck to everyone out there! And keep us updated.


Freckledgirl92 - July 21

My period is 5 days late. I had intercourse the 25th of June which was 3 days after my period ended(I'm not sure if you can get pregnant after having intercourse that soon) but then I had what I'm a__suming was spotting. It was almost as if I was peeing the blood if that makes sense. It only lasted one day and then nothing else. Soon after I started having what I think may be pregnancy symptoms. My nipples were extra sensitive, super tired all the time, extremely emotional, I could smell things much stronger than before, very nauseous, and I seem to be breaking out(Which I haven't in quite a while) and then the most current symptom is a type of clear, no smell, discharge. Some lower back pain, but not really cramping. All 3 HPT's have come out negative. HELP!!


heathersons34 - August 1

Okay, so this thread has been going on for YEARS and it seems like ALOT of people have the same problem I'm currently having, but then they quit posting and I can't figure out the outcome! My husband and I are trying to conceive, and I don't normally have pms symptoms until I've already started. Meaning cramping doesn't take place until I'm actually 2-3 days into my cycle. With that being said, I've also NEVER been late. I know everyone says that stress can be a factor, but if stress is a factor it causes me to start early, not late. My cycle runs for 22 days and I've been charting it for months. I have symptoms I've NEVER experienced before and I want to truly know whether or not it's possible to now be 6 days late on my period but still testing negative on hpt's! I have taken E.P.T(4 tests) and First Response (2 tests) and Dollar Store kind (2 tests)! I have an appointment to see the doc on the 22nd, but I'm seriously frustrated that I may have to wait that long. Anyone experienced the negative test and actually been pregnant recently?


Justyce666 - August 2

Hey all, My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for 9 months now. I was on the pill for 5yrs before that and my period was always on perfect timing while I was on the pill, and for months after I stopped taking the pill it was still perfect timing. Within the last couple of months, it has started to become 1-2 days late, sometimes starts and then stops for a day and then starts again, which has been really frustrating for me who keeps thinking I'm pregnant. This month however, it is 6 days late... and there has been no bleeding at all. I took a pregnancy test on the 2nd or 3rd day late, negative. Then I told myself I'd wait a week or so and do another one but my partner wanted me to take one today so I did, and still negative. On the day my period was due I got the normal tell tale signs of my period coming, the v____al mucus was different(smelly), pains in my lower abdominal area and legs which is totally normal for me when I'm expecting my period, I had these symptoms for a few days and expected my period the whole time, now I still have the pains but the v____al mucus is pretty much back to normal now. The pregnancy tests i have taken are the clearblue digital ones everyone has recommended. I'm not under any extra stress thats out of the ordinary, just the normal amount and I get the same amount of nervousness and stress about being pregnant each month and my period still comes so why not this month? its driving me crazy.


brittany2011 - August 17

i am 6 days late for my period. I took a test yesterday and it was neg could it be to early to tell



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