I M 6 Days Late Pregnancy Test Is Negative

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brittany2011 - August 17

i am 6 days late for my period. I took a test yesterday and it was neg could it be to early to tell


Sara802 - August 25

I had irregular periods when I first got them when I was 11 and was put on birth control. I recently got off birth control because I didn't like the way it made me feel and I really wanted to know of my periods would come back. I had been getting periods since April and it's august now. My boyfriend and I have had unprotected s_x for a little over a month now. My periods have been coming usually the second or third week of every month. Well it hasnt shown up yet and it's in the 4 week of the month. I have been getting really bad cramps off and on during the day now for 6 days and no period. I read online this could be an early sign of pregnancy. I have been feeling a little nausea not to the point where I will throw up just when I think about certain foods or when I sit at my desk it just kicks in. I took a HPT this morning not first thing but mid morning and it was negative. Could I still be pregnant? And how many days more should I wait to take another test? If someone could give me some advice I would appreciate it! :)


Krissy Rivera - August 28

Hi everyone, my name is krissy ad my husband and I had been ttc for about a year and a half..well last month(July) I was 4days late then started and had a period for about 2 1/2 days..this month(august) I am now 7 days late and took 2 HPT and they both said negative??..I think I've been having some early preg symptoms but not sure u know some smells are icky I tend to get motion sickness when I'm with walking or just sitting on the couch I get very little headaches..I started my period 9years ago and I have never once been late but these last two months i don't what's going on. I'm gonna call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get an appt an get blood test or a sono..thanks for listening.


mizztesh04 - August 29

Hello to all I am 14 days late for my period. I took a test last Friday and it was negative. Could I still be pregnant?


Krissy Rivera - August 29

My friend was 20 days late, took HPT for two weeks Said neg everytime and doctor just confirmed she's pregnant don't give up hope.


kasiawojo - September 13

Hi heather, firstly I'm also frustrated with the fact that loads of people have the same issue as us, but there is little follow up to these treads. my husband and I have been ttc and I have three children already. I'm 3-5 days late but my hpts (3 dollar store ones) have all been negative. My dr didnt even give me much hope and said I am absolutely NOT pregnant although he has recommended i return in a week if i still have not started my period and he'll do more blood tests. I think alot of the posts do not continue because these ladies end up getting their periods and all of the worrying seems to be in vain :( What you and I are probably looking and hoping for is for someone to write "YES I got all these negative hpts and then got a posative and am happily pregnant....." but that would be a perfect world.


Justyce666 - September 13

The reason I didnt reply is because I ended up getting my period. So nope no happy ending there... :( Dunno about everybody else that stopped commenting on here. It's been 10 months now trying to conceive and still nothing. And it gets depressing thinking about it so I try to avoid thinking about it and worrying about my period now. goodluck to everyone.


Justyce666 - September 13

and just a note to everyone, if you want to accurately track your period and s_x and all that kinda stuff, just download an App for your iphone or android phone, there are heaps of great ones out there, the one I use is called Ovulation and has a blue and red heart icon. It shows what days your period is due and your fertile days and you can change the settings to match your period length. And you can mark what days you have s_x, and feel symptoms like period pain, headaches etc.


kasiawojo - September 14

Aw Justyce666, Unfortunatly many of us know it all too well. I AM blessed with 3 beautiful babies but it wasn`t withought heart ache, as I had lost 3 and had 2 ectopic pregnancies, which made falling pregnant much more of a challenge after that. I dont know how much money i have spent on pregnancy and ovulation tests as well as two stays in German hospitals to carry out fertility testing following my fallopian tube removal. It`s painful in many ways. Good luck to you.


Arriette - September 14

Hi ladies. I posted last December and couldn't remember my login details. Finally got them so... I'm afraid to say that my period came on Christmas eve. Gutted! However, on a happier note I got pregnant the following month and my baby boy is due to be born in 3 weeks. So although that's probably not what you all want to hear, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep trying and I'm sure you'll all be pregnant very soon. Good luck! :-) x


heathersons34 - September 14

Well everyone, I started bleeding on August 3rd, it stopped on August 4th, and started again on August 5th for about two more days. Still no positive reading. On August 25th, I threw up twice but felt no illness at all...I went home that night and took a test and it came back positive. I believe that I conceived in July when I was feeling all my symptoms but that my body hadn't produced enough HCG to be positive on a urine test until a month later! :D My first appointment is next week on September 21st. I will keep you all updated on my progress. My husband has made me pee on a stick 5 more times since we found out just to make sure we are still expecting! Haha. I wish all of you the best of luck in conceiving. It's a great feeling seeing that plus sign.


frustratedPenny - September 19

Hi everyone, my name is penny im 31 ttc since may, i have had one child who is now deceased as of june 2010 she was 9. I have been tracking my periods on an app on my phone they have been regular 26-28 days usually week prior i have major pms symptoms well my AF was supp to start sept 17th and im still waiting no symptoms other than a few cramps, achey back, slight headaches. I took a hpt on sunday was a bfn ugh was so upset. here it is monday and still nothing so im gonna wait it out til friday if still no af will take another test if that is negative then im calling my gyn. I have been soo anxious trying to keep my mind off it i dont want to drive my hubby and best friend crazy.


taminate - September 22

My expected day was Sept 17th as well-and for 3+months I have been 28 days exactly...before that I was 28-34 but I thought my body finally got into a decent schedule...i am on day 33 now and have tested twice...negatives for me as well...still waiting...my ovulation time was supposed to be over my bday weekend 3rd-5th...we didnt do "anything" until the 6th...so i am not sure if i could be prego or if i am just late...


danielle19165 - May 22

Well I am now 6 days late on my period and have done 2 home pregnancy test that were both negative I haven't really got any pregnancy syptoms other than sore nipples I just don't no what to do I have never been this late on a period b4 I had an ectopic pregnacy other 8 months ago now and I'm just worried that if iam pregnant will it happen again would love to here dome feed back thanku x


mjvdec01 - May 22

If you are 6 days late, I would call your OB for a blood test. Maybe your pregnant, and the test just isn't picking it up, or maybe you're having a really long cycle. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. I'm sure it's been hard. Good luck to you. ***BABY DUST***


danielle19165 - May 23

Yes I think that is what I am going 2 do we have been trying to concieve but since the last time its abit scary I no I shudent be but can't help it lol thanku so much for feedback it really helps X



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