I M Going Insane

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want2testnow - March 31

today is cycle day ***35*** and no AF yet... i REALLY want to test, but i have no idea when my period is supposed to come. i never wrote it down, and i haven't always been a 28- dayer or a 32-dayer. Should I test tomorrow(cd 36) or what day do you suggest????


corinne - March 31

When was your last period?


want2testnow - March 31

feb 25th


corinne - March 31

Well if I'm not mistaken you should of had it around the 27th I don't think I am calculating correctly. I would think that testing now would be ok. One of the best people on this forum to talk to about when you should have your af is Emma2 maybe she'll jump in here and help you out. post a new one saying ATTN: Emma2 that might help


Emma2 - March 31

You can def. test right now. Have you had intercourse during your fertile time?


want2testnow - March 31

oh geez, all we did eat, sleep, and have s_x!! haha... uhm, I had s_x on 3rd, 7th,10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 20th, 21st, 26th, and today. I took a test Wednesday CD 33, and it was negative (bought it from accuratepregnancytests.com)


want2testnow - April 1

Negative test this morning ladies. :( Is it too early? Read my last posts on here for more info


snugglybugglys - April 1

I just have to say, that I didn't get a positive result with my twins until I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I swear I took a million tests and they were all negetive...so I was beginning to think I was crazy. :) GL!


want2testnow - April 1

with my son, i got a positive like, the DAY my period should have come (i might have been late, they never came like clockwork). :( I'm really hoping that this was just too early...


want2testnow - April 2

no sign of AF this morning, that's good news. CD 37.... no signs of anything. my b___bs look like they're bigger, but DH can't tell (ha, yea right. haha). Oh ladies, I hate not knowing when AF will show up.


want2testnow - April 3

CD 38, nothing yet. woke up this morning at like 5 and had to pee really bad, was really thirsty too. - 'Answer' test lastnight.... (big sigh) i want a positive already, i hate spending money and then getting AF.


corinne - April 3

Just keep crossing your fingers and hope for af not to come. Best o luck to ya.



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