I M Not Sure If I M Pregnant

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amy - August 16

its my first time i had s_x.. i m not sure if i m pregnant...


amy - July 10

well probably not but di you have any symtoms? if you think you are then go bye atest just incase. if he went inside of you with out protection u might be.


kat - July 11

i had s_x about two weeks ago, for the past week i have been feeling wretched. the past couple of day i have woken in the middle of a deep sleep feeling like i am on a roller coaster ride. i usually feel sicker when my stomach falls empty which seems like every two hours. my b___st feel very sore and i have had constipation for the last 4 days. is it too early to have pregnancy symptoms?


Mahek - July 18

I had s_x on 10th July and my date is on 18th July. is there any pssibility of me being pregrant even if i get my periods on 20th july


j9 - July 18

Go talk to your mom, she will understand and help!


Carmen - July 30

I am 2 months behind pregnant & I have have minor pregnancy symptoms. I took a preg. test and it shows negative. Could I still be pregnant.


linda,calderon - August 16

i ve been gaining weight besides eating out.and,at times drink beer.i know i shouldnt.but,in the beganingof each month period stop after lite 3 days usually if that happens it usally comes back.i ve never been pregnant before.i just married last oct 2003.but,before i had a relationship for several years from what i know i havent been pregnat.my stmock feels kind a hard i feel some dizzness,sour at times before & after eating.what do you think?


amy neubauer - March 18

i think iam pregrant my periods in the being of the month.


dara - March 26

i had s_x twice this month with a condom my boyfriend says he is 110% positive he didnt c_m. my period is two days late can i be pregnant?


nina - March 27

no this is not my frist time having s_x,but im not sure still


kim - April 7

i had s_x for the first time a month ago. and 4 times since that. would that make me a week late on my period


Beba - April 23

We "did it" by the April 3rd and 4th... after it i expacted my PMS to arrive, but it didn't. Non of the simptoms i usually have when i am in PMS. Now, i am 8 days late, i suppose to get my period April 15,


Beba - April 23

To contunue... i didn't get my period yet, i have swallen brests and i urinate often, but nothing more then that. I am not sure that i am pregnant or that i will get my period at last. Usually, my periods are ok, come on time, but if it is late, i don't feel ok like i feel no. I feel very sick, pain in legs and back, headaches and so on... What you think?


Suzanne Wright - April 23

not sure if im pregnant?


star - April 23

it only takes one time!!!!


Lindsey - May 8

no this is not my 1st time having s_x but my periods last 6 to 7 days and this one is last 3 and my stomache feels hard and my b___st feel sore also could i be pregrant


kRiStiNe - July 5

i been eating non stop and i just can`t help it can i really be pregrant or what ..?



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