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Jocelyn80 - October 31

Took a pregnancy test this morning around 3:00am cause my period is late and I've been having extremely sore br___ts, cramping,and headaches. And it was positive. Now I'm going to schedule an appointment with my doctor to find out how far along I am, and see how everything is going. My guess is I'm about 2-3 weeks. I'm soooo excited. Now I'm just hoping for a baby girl! :-)


kelbabe - October 31

congrats........are you sure you dont mean 4-5 weeks? 2-3 seems very early to get a pos.....you usually dont ov till 2 weeks after the forst day of your period, so if your period was 4 weeks ago, you would be 4 weeks preg. x x


Jocelyn80 - October 31

Oh I'm not sure how many weeks I am. My last period was October 3rd. I was just guessing that I'm about 3 weeks or so. Not sure. Thanks for the congrats. I'm so excited I can't sleep. I'm going to call the doctor today and get an appoitment so I can find out.


Doubleal - October 31

Congrats Jocelyn!!!!...if you type in find out my due date online, you should be able to find a website that lets you know how many weeks along you are.....good luck...happy and healthy 9 months to you!!!


kelbabe - October 31

yeah, 4 weeks today. x


Jocelyn80 - October 31

Yes it says my due date is around July 9th 2008. I actually just got an appointment for the OBGYN for November 8th. What am I to expect during this visit? This is my first pregnancy so I need some feedback. Thank you for the congrats Doubleal!!


kelbabe - November 1

its nothing to worry about, they will ask about any previous pregnancies, m/c, etc......even though its your first. they will ask about family health, take blood for tests, they do everything, from checking your blood type, to checking for std's, just incase. they may have a prod about your belly, and they may do an internal.........they never do internals here unless really nedded, but i think its different in america........they will also book your scan, which you will get through the post a few days later. erm........i think thats about it. xx


Jocelyn80 - November 1

Oh ok...thanks Kelbabe. Now I kinda of have a good idea of what to expect. Are they going to do a sonogram? Or do that do that a little later in pregnancy?


Misha Felds - November 1

Congratulations!!! - This is wonderful news - I'm so happy for you


Jocelyn80 - November 1

Thank you very much Misha Felds!


MrsSmacker - November 7

Wow!!! Congradulations Babe!!!! Well God Bless Yuur Little Miracle....x


nola-gal - November 7

hey jocelyn! congrats! i just found out i'm pg, too. you should join us in july 2008 club in first trimester!


Jocelyn80 - November 8

Congrats to you too nola-Gal. How do I join the july 2008 clib for first trimester?



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