I Need Help And Opinions 1 Pos And 5 Neg Tests

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trista718 - October 22

a week ago, tuesday october 14 i took a pregnancy test (equate preg test with purple cap) it came up positive but very faint. so of course i took a test every morning after. wednesday...negative, thursday....negative, friday.....negative. so friday i went to a clinic and got a urine test done and it came up negative as well. finaly monday i got a blood test done. when i got the results on tueday it was negative! im so frustrated! i just want to know if im pregnant or not. id be happy if i was and i wouldnt be upset if i wasnt. i dont take any meds....i do take fish oil and b complex vitamins in the morning. idk if that would do anything. i took the depovera shot (birth control) from the time i was 16 til 17 and havent had normal periods since then. i also had a total colectomy (large intestines removed) when i was 13 because of pollups. i am 20 now and i thought i would have a really hard time getting pregnant because of all these things. me and my fiance arent trying but wouldnt mind getting pregnant. i dont know why this is happening. i just want to know if i need to make some changes for my baby or stop worrying about it. someone please give me their opinion or tell me about their experiences. i would really really appreciate it!!! thank you all! p.s. i have had some symptoms such as acne, mood swings, hungry all the time, bra is fitting tighter, cold like symptoms and fatigue.


vanessaurias89 - October 22

how irregular are your periods?


trista718 - October 27

i only get my period about once every 3-4 months. every once in a while i get it normaly for a few months then not have it again for like 6. its always different


brookeann - December 4

i just took the same test with purple cap and mine was positive and i went to the dr and two neg results there (urine), so i noticed this was posted awhile ago, are you pregnant then????



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