I Say Forget The Expensive Tests And Go To Dollar Tree

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bethtwo - June 18

i took a digital test this am, it said not pregnant, i took a 1st response 4 hours later after not having anything to eat or drink since last night, and it was negative. i went to church and bought a few tests from dollar tree and took one when i got home. i had eaten a few pretzels and some water, but not long enough before to dilute my urine. i took a dollar store test and a faint line appeared immediately. it has grown stronger over the past hour, but i'm afraid i'm losing my mind! i could see it from an arms length away right after i took it so i'm taking it as a bfp. we'll see, i'm going to have my blood drawn tomorrow. but it sickens me to know how much i've spent on expensive tests when the dollar store test works better!


Rhonda - June 18

bethtwo,how many dpo are you?If you got any type of bfp then congrats you are pregnant.No matter how faint the positive is,it's really positive.


bethtwo - June 18

hello! as far as I can tell, I am approximately 15 DPO, but not sure. I think I became pregnant around June 2nd or 3rd if I am indeed pregnant. I will see the dr. tomorrow to confirm. How exciting! We've been trying for over a year now and it's been very frustrating, not to mention expensive with HPT's!


daisyusa - June 19

bethtwo, please let us know how your blood tests go tomorrow. My husband and I just found out we're expecting, had some difficulty getting prego too. We're so excited. I pray you're prego too, we'll be due around the same time. God Bless!


Rhonda - June 19

bethtwo,i am excited for you if you are pregnant.Let me know when you get it confirmed okay?Maybe your hard work paid off.Congrats daisyusa.


bethtwo - June 20

ok ladies, i went to see dr. yesterday and waited around for my blood test results. i asked the dr. which he was going to do, and he said both, but then they only did the yes/no!!! it came out negative. i could not believe it. i thought for sure i was pregnant. i started bleeding a little today, so i'm wondering if it's a miscarriage. i wouldn't have the slightest what that's like or why it wouldn't show up on the blood test. i had faint positives show up within 10 seconds! i'm really upset. i thought for sure this time...


snugglybugglys - June 21

I totally agree dollar tree tests are the best! I tested at 10 DPO, and got a clear BFP. 2 days later I went to the drs to get it confirmed there, and the nurse was like "it's not going to show up yet" she basically thought I was crazy. So we did the test, and the started to show me what a positive test looks like, and then was like " see and this is what yours looks like" indicating it was negetive. I was like well it took 40 seconds for it to turn positive with the DT test, so she waited a little bit, but had started to mark negetive on my result sheet. Anyway, it turned positive, and she was shocked. But my DT test was much darker. :)



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