I Think I Am Pregnant

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Steph - September 22

I am going crazy! My situation is this: I am not trying to get pregnant, my boyfriend and I use condoms, but two of them broke about two weeks into my cycle. Very soon after, I started to have nausea, headaches, light headedness etc. This is completley new to me - I never feel like that. I am due to get my period tomorrow and I just couldn't wait any longer so I took the Clear Blue test this morning and it came of negative. Does this really mean I am not pregnant or has anyone had this happen and found out that they really are? Steph


Amber - September 22

well i am kinda in the same boat as you but i have had my period and i just dont fell right i took a test and it came out poisitive, but i dont want to say anything to any one till i find out forsure i am here fo you if you need to talk e mail me at [email protected] thanks


Steph - September 23

Amber, thank you so much for your support. I have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately. I just want to know one way or the other. I should get my period today, but have not yet. If I don't by tomorrow afternoon, I am going to the clinic to get tested. Please keep me updated on how you are doing. Steph


milissa - September 23

I had two periods and I 'm pregnant. doctor said Ilost the baby. I took an e.p.t test and I am!! ALSO I TOOK IT IN MID AFTERNOON GOT A BETTER RESULT!!!!!


Amber - September 23

no problem steph i know how it feel to be really emotional, see i dont have any one to talk to cuz my boyfriend is in boot camp for the army so, i will be there for you a 100% cuz i know how it feels


Steph - September 23

Well, I have just started to have very slight bleeding so it seems like I may be getting my period... But, now that I have heard that both of you had your periods, and ARE pregnant, or could possibly be, it makes me wonder. Steph


amber - September 23

well take a test and let me know what happens.


Steph - September 23

Well, now just to make things more confusing, my period has completely stopped. Just a slight bit this a.m. and now nothing. I have decided that if my period doesn't start by tomorrow pm I will head to the clinic and get tested. I will let you know what happens. Steph


Lili - September 23

Hi Amber, Was your period much lighter and shorter than normal? If so, it is implantation bleeding, not a really period.


Amber - September 23

yesusally i am really heavy but the last couple times i was not and they are not the full 7 days


amber - September 23

ok steph good luck


Jessica - September 23

I feel what you guys are going through I keep having my period but I have all the symptoms: sore b___bs, nausea, fatigue and food cravings... my stomachn is getting bloated too... but I took the test early response and it came bac negative... but I still think Im pregnant what should I do? do you think theres a better test I should take... please help me.... Jessica



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